The Sport AI Lab featured by TVB program Inno-Tech Navigation (創科導航)

The EEE Sport Artificial Intelligent Laboratory (SAIL) was featured in a TVB program “Inno-Tech Navigation (創科導航)”. The program was broadcast on-air on 21 Apr 2021.

The two projects developed in the Lab were introduced. The AI Robocoach for Golf training was a MSc student project that makes use of AI human posture estimation technology to analyze the performance of a golfer in the driving range. This project won the Best Creative Idea Award in the Youth Innovation Awards held by the Info\Comm Media Development Authority of the Singapore Government. (News: )


Another project is an Innovation Technology Fund for Better Living, titled “Artificial Intelligence for Swimmer Safety and Performance Analysis System (Smart Swim)”, funded by the Innovation and Technology Bureau. The solution can help the swimming pool safeguards to monitor the swimmer’s safety and trigger alarms when any swimmer is detected drowning.


Dr. Wilton Fok, the Director of the Sport AI Lab, stated that “we use AI and deep learning technologies to locate the key points of a human skeleton such as head, shoulder, arm, elbow, hip, knee…etc. Apart from Golf coaching and drowning detection, we also deploy this technology in other sports training, security and stroke rehabilitation exercise analysis”.

This program can be viewed through this link on the TVB News website: