Series on Technology in The Standard

Technology developments play an important role in the daily life of Hong Kong people. As researchers, we have been generating new ideas, new applications, and new technologies. To share our knowledge, our faculty members are writing a series of articles in the Technology column of The Standard newspaper. The series covers recent topics such as digital terrestrial television, new China 3G standard, mobile phone applications, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), power electronics, Intelligent Transport System, Biomedical Engineering, mobile learning, computer communication, networking, IC design, power electronics and electrical engineering, etc. The articles appear every Tuesday and the first article was published on September 25, 2007.


Date Title of the article Author
13 May 2008 A Torrent of Trouble from File-sharing Dr. K.S. Lui
15 Apr 2008 Learning through Quiz Games Delivered by Wireless Networks Dr. V.W.L. Tam
01 Apr 2008 Smart Electric Devices ‘Talk’ Like Bees Dr. W.W.T. Fok
25 Mar 2008 Make the Most Out of Mayhem Prof. K.T. Chau
04 Mar 2008 Robots with an ‘Eye’ for the Complex Tasks Dr. G. Chesi
27 Feb 2008 Digital Photo Frames Evolve to Offer 3D Effects Prof. V.O.K. Li
19 Feb 2008 Big Business Grows on the Power of Silicon Dr. E. Lam
12 Feb 2008 LED Offers Remarkable Energy Savings Dr. H.W. Choi
29 Jan 2008 Light Technology Benefits Medicine And Communications Dr. K.K.Y. Wong
22 Jan 2008 Touchscreen Gadgets Coming to a Dining Table Near You Dr. N. Wong
15 Jan 2008 Imagining New Medical Imaging Techniques Dr. E. Lam
18 Dec 2007 The Future Is Electric Prof. K.T. Chau
11 Dec 2007 Taking Things to the WIMAX Dr. K.S. Lui
04 Dec 2007 Making the Right Connections Dr. Y.C. Wu
27 Nov 2007 Powering Your Home with Renewable Energy Dr. J. Zhong
20 Nov 2007 What Causes Lithium-ion Batteries to Explode? Dr. S.W. Cheung
13 Nov 2007 The Intelligent Way To Go Dr. N.H.C. Yung
06 Nov 2007 RFID Cashes in the Chips Dr. W.W.T. Fok
30 Oct 2007 ICing on the Cake Dr. N. Wong
23 Oct 2007 Engineering the Future Prof. W.C. Chew
16 Oct 2007 Powering Development Dr. M.H. Pong
09 Oct 2007 Learning Anytime, Anywhere Dr. V.W.L. Tam
02 Oct 2007 Homegrown 3G Standard Marks New Era Dr. S.W. Cheung
25 Sep 2007 Make Technology Work for You Dr. Y.S. Hung