Mr. Anthony Chiu


Mr. Anthony King Yuen Chiu


BEng(CE) 2017
Cofounder of Weava (a productivity application for researchers)


Computer Engineering Courses enabled me to venture forth. With comprehensive engineering training, I am able to solve a problem step by step. I also learnt to strike a balance between feasibility and priority of a task. HKU’s experiential learning encouraged me to start various projects, from which I gained the ability to build real-life applications from scratch. It has been an enjoyable journey.

Anthony Chiu received the BEng(CE) degree from HKUEEE in 2017. During his final year of study, he built a productivity application for researchers with two other HKU students. Anthony co-founded the company Weava ( with his teammates after his graduation. The application has boosted up two hundred thousand researchers’ productivity.


Last updated: August 28th, 2019