Mr. Johnathan Chan


Mr. Johnathan Chan


BEng(CE) 2004, MPhil 2006
Equity Research Analyst at Kingsway Financial Services Group
Formerly Audit Accountant at KPMG

“I received great trainings at HKUEEE. I learned the fundamentals of electronics and computer programming during my undergraduate studies. I also learned the research skills and methodologies for dealing with complex problems during my postgraduate programme under the guidance of my supervisors. I had chosen not to become a practising engineer, but a financial analyst. Yet what I learned from my studies at HKUEEE helps to develop my career. I am currently covering the electronics, entertainment software, energy and resources sectors at my firm. One of my daily responsibilities is to research on and write reports about investment recommendation on listed stocks in these sectors. I believe technical training in these areas provided me with fundamental understanding and insight for potential developments and investment opportunities in these sectors.”

Mr. Jonathan Chan had joined KPMG as an auditor after graduation and passed all the CPA exams there. Recently, he joined a local securities brokerage firm called “Kingsway” as an equity research analyst, covering HK-listed small and mid-cap stocks and writing research reports for institutional investors. He is now pursuing for CFA level 3 and a Master degree in Finance in a cooperation programme by HKU Space and University of Michigan, Dearborn.


Last updated: July 10th, 2015