Miss Cindy Cheng


Miss Cindy Cheng


BEng(EE) 2011
Graduate Trainee at CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.

“HKU (EEE) provides me a fruitful engineering study and offers me golden experiential learning. I have gone to Sichuan to help re-build an earthquake-damaged school, to Japan to learn about advanced electronic technology, to Beijing to represent HKU in the National Challenge Cup for student projects, and to France to learn more about renewable energy. Most importantly, HKU also teaches us to pay forward. Thus, as a Graduate student of the HKU, I desire to contribute to the community. “

After graduation from the University of Hong Kong, with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Cindy has joined CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd as a graduate trainee in 2011.


Last updated: July 5th, 2015