Mr. B.C.Y. Chin

B.Sc. (Eng.) Canada; M.B.A. USA; LL.B. (Hons); P.C.LL. HK; P.Dip.LL. China.

Mr. Barry C.Y. Chin

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Mr. Chin Barry Chi Yung is a Registered Professional Engineering in Hong Kong Canada, a Chartered Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in the United Kingdom, as well as a Solicitor of Hong Kong. He obtained his Engineering degree in Canada, majoring in electrical and mechanical engineering. He has also worked in various countries including Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada and United States of American specializing in all aspect of MechaTronic fields. In particular, Mr. Chin had worked for Canadian Marconi Company, a company in the business of designing military equipment and weapon. There, for the company, Mr. Chin was responsible for designing radar technology. Finally, Mr. Chin worked as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation, amanufacturing company of mainframe commercial computers.

In early 1990’s, Mr. Chin decided to pursue further studies in the legal field and he completed his LL.B.(Hons) degree in 1996. He began practicing as a Solicitor in 1998 and his efforts have earned him remarkable achievements. For example, he now serves as the Vice-President of The Forensic CPA Society of Hong Kong and The Association of Hong Kong Professionals. He has also served in various committees of the Hong Kong Government for a number of years, namely the HKIRC Consultative and Advisory Panel, the Panel of Adjudicators of the Obscene Articles Tribunal, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the Health Level Seven International. Finally, he is also an Honorary Legal Advisor of the International Police Association Hong Kong (SAR) Section.


Selected Publications

  • Computer forensics: from the technological, procedural / organizational and legal perspectives, Int. J. Liability and Scientific Enquiry, Vol.1, No.4, 2008., pp. 335-350
  • Air-conditioner Market in China, 1993., (ISBN7-81029-209-9/F.57)

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