Mr. David Ting


Mr. David Ting


BEng(CE) 2003
SAP Consultant (Financial Accounting and Controlling) at Bayer MaterialScience Ltd

“It has been hard time at the beginning when I joined the company as I saw most of my colleagues had good business knowledge such as accounting, business process flows. I have been given opportunities to work in different system implementation projects overseas like working in Japan for 1.5 years. My analytical mind developed during my study in EEE enables me to learn both business and technical skills at pace. Working with people from different countries like China, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia and India enables me to meet different kinds of people and to learn different cultures.”

David Ting joined a local company in Hong Kong as a programmer after his graduation in 2003 which serves as a good foundation for his career. In 2005, he joined the current multinational company as a junior consultant. Recently he has been promoted to consultant and has been appointed as the regional expert in the area of overhead management and business controlling.


Last updated: July 10th, 2015