Prof. D.J. Hill

BE (Elec Eng), BSc (Math), PhD; FIEEE, FTSE (Aust Acad Tech Sci and Eng), FAA (Aust Acad Sci), FHKEng; also SIAM Fellow, Fellow of IFAC and Fgn Mem Royal Swedish Acad Eng Sci
Tel.: 3917 7092
Office: CB 601H

Prof. David J. Hill

Chair of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests

Interests are in power systems, control systems, complex networks and stability analysis. Current work is mainly on structure, dynamics and control of future energy networks using mathematics, algorithms and data-based methods. Some basic stability and control questions for general dynamic networks are also addressed.

Professor David Hill joined the staff of The University of Hong Kong in 2013. He directs the Centre for Electrical Energy Systems (established by Professor Felix Wu in 1996). He was the Project Coordinator for the RGC Theme-based Research Scheme (Round 4) Project total funding HK$50.4M on Sustainable Power Delivery Structures for High Renewables (with Co-Is from HKU, HK University of Science and Technology, HK Polytechnic University, Imperial College London and the University of Sydney), 2015-2019.

Prior to joining HKU, he held the Chair of Electrical Engineering at The University of Sydney, Australia, initially during 1994-2002 and again 2010-2013. He established the Centre for Future Energy Networks (CFEN), and was Director, 2010-2018. During 1996-1999, he served as Head of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering. He has twice held Australian Research Council (ARC) Professorial Fellowships. During 2005-2010, he was an ARC Federation Fellow at the Australian National University (only 25 awarded internationally per year for all areas) and, from 2006, also a Theme Leader (Complex Networks) and Deputy Director in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems. During  2010-2013, he held an ARC Professorial Fellowship at the University of Sydney. In Sydney, he continues to collaborate with researchers in CFEN on projects in the area of Future Grid, including in the CSIRO University Cluster, 2013-2016, which he played a leading role in establishing.

He has been continuously associated with Hong Kong universities since 2001 when he was a visiting Professor at City University of HK (CityU). He served on the Panel for Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the University Grants Committee Research Assessment Exercise for 1999. During 2001-2004, he was Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Electronic Engineering at CityU. During 2012-2013, he held a visiting Chair Professorship under the Distinguished Scholars Scheme in the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering at PolyU. He currently holds honorary or adjunct professorships at CityU, South China University of Technology, Wuhan University, Northeastern University, Changsha University of Science and Technology and Chongging University, China.

He has also held academic and substantial visiting positions at the universities of Melbourne, California (Berkeley), Newcastle (Australia), Lund (Sweden) and Munich (TUM). He has numerous international professional involvements, mainly with IEEE and IFAC as well as independent conferences and workshops including PSCC, IREP and IWCSN.

He has been invited to speak at many panels and workshops and to give keynote addresses at international conferences including for 2018-19: workshops in the series Mathematics of Energy Systems, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK; the Applied Energy “A+B” Conference, MIT, USA; an invited panel at IEEE PES General Meeting, Atlanta, USA and plenary speeches at MTNS2018, Hong Kong; PSCC, Dublin, 2018; and PowerTech, Milan, 2019 all on aspects of power grids and system theory. He has several editorial roles including: an Editor for the Springer Book Series on Power Electronics and Power Systems; on the Editorial Board for the journals Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks (SEGAN), the International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (IJEPES), Foundations and Trends in Electric Energy Systems and Journal of Control and Decision (China). He has several other advisory editor roles.



Selected Publications

Total publications by D.J.Hill includes 2 research monographs, 2 edited research volumes and over 550 chapters and papers. They have been cited 28,322 times with h-index 75 and g-index 157 (Google Scholar 8 Jan 2020). The following are representative.

2020 (to 9 January)
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  • Z.Wang, G.Chen, L.Liu and D.J.Hill, “Cascading risk assessment in power-communication interdependent networks,” Physica A, Vol.540, February 2020.


A further 13 (29) journal papers have been accepted (submitted) for publication.


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