E.C.H. Ngai

Ph.D. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Web: https://www.eee.hku.hk/~chngai/
Tel.: 3917 2675
Office: CB 608

Edith C.H. Ngai

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Internet-of-Things, mobile cloud computing, data analytics and machine learning, network security and data privacy, smart cities and health informatics

Dr. Edith Ngai is currently an Associate Professor in Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong. Before joining HKU in 2020, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden. She received her PhD from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. She was a postdoctoral researcher in Imperial College London, United Kingdom in 2007-2008. She joined Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Sweden as Assistant Professor in 2008 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2013.

Her research interests include Internet-of-Things, mobile cloud computing, network security and privacy, data analytics and machine learning for smart cities and health informatics. She has published more than 100 journal and conference papers in the area. Edith was a guest researcher at Ericsson Research Sweden in 2015-2017. She has also been a visiting researcher in Simon Fraser University, Tsinghua University, and UCLA. She was a VINNMER Fellow (2009) awarded by Swedish Governmental Research Funding Agency VINNOVA. She was a project leader of the VINNOVA-funded “Green IoT” project in Sweden. The project developed an IoT solution and testbed in the city center of Uppsala for air pollution monitoring and traffic planning. The “Green IoT” project was an award-winning project from the Faculty of Science of Engineering in Uppsala University in 2018. It was also selected on the top-100 list from The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 2020.

Dr. Edith Ngai was a program chair of ACM womENcourage 2015 and TPC co-chair of IEEE SmartCity 2015, IEEE ISSNIP 2015, and ICNC 2018 Network Algorithm and Performance Evaluation Symposium. She is an Associate Editor of IEEE Access, IEEE Internet-of-Things Journal, and IEEE Transactions of Industrial Informatics. She is a Senior Member of ACM and IEEE.



Selected Publications (2015-2020)

  • X. Hu, J. Deng, J. Zhao, W. Hu, E. C.-H. Ngai, R. Wang, J. Shen, M. Liang, X. Li, V. Leung, Y.-K. Kwok, SAfeDJ: A Crowd-Cloud Co-design Approach to Situation-aware Music Delivery for Drivers, ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications, Article 21 (October 2015), 24 pages.
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Last updated: February 5th, 2020