E.Y.M. Lam

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Stanford University
Web: https://www.eee.hku.hk/~elam/
Tel.: 3917 5942
Office: CB 504

E.Y.M. Lam


Research Interests

Computational optics and imaging algorithms; Digital image processing; Biomedical optics; Computational lithography and semiconductor inspection; Machine learning and computational science; Pattern recognition, classification, and analysis; Technology for teaching and learning.

Prof. Edmund Lam received the B.S. degree (with distinction) in 1995, the M.S. degree in 1996, and the Ph.D. degree in 2000, all in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

He is now a Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Director of the Computer Engineering program at The University of Hong Kong. He has broad research interests around the theme of computational optics and imaging, from the design of efficient imaging algorithms to the processing of the massive image data for various applications. For his research, he has been presented the HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award and the IBM Faculty Award. He is also a Fellow of the Optical Society (OSA), the Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), as well as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). With regards to teaching, he has taught at all levels of the departmental courses, and devoted considerable efforts in reshaping the first course in the electrical and electronic engineering curriculum. He was given an engineering Best Teacher Award, and the university-wide Outstanding Teaching Award (team award). Earlier, he had also been invited to teach at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Visiting Associate Professor.


Selected Publications

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Last updated: June 1st, 2021