Mr. Gordon Poon


Mr. Gordon Poon


BEng(EEE) 2000
Principal Electrical Engineer at Apple in California

“The degree program of HKUEEE equips students with knowledge and experience of electrical systems and design. It also trains students on soft-skill like teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving; these skills are portable to any profession, and useful in various aspects of life. A degree from HKUEEE opens up possibility of many rewarding opportunities, which is what I have been experiencing and I am still glad about the choice that I made.”

After earning his Bachelor’s degree from HKUEEE, he went to Stanford for the Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He started his EE career in Texas, and later moved back to California to design for Apple. During the stay in United States, he took flight training and became a private pilot. He enjoy flying for leisure, going to places to do sightseeing from above, and meeting new friends from different parts of the world.


Last updated: July 10th, 2015