J.C.K. Lam

BA, MA, MSc, PhD (Env. Policy); HK.
Email: jacquelinelam@hku.hk
Tel.: 3917 4843
Office: CB 717

Jacqueline C.K. Lam

Associate Professor

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Research Associate/Post-Doctoral Fellow for Interdisciplinary Study on Nuclear Safety Governance, University of Hong Kong, click here for details.


Research Interests

… God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”  [Genesis 1:26-27]

Dr. Jacqueline Lam obtained her PhD in Environmental Policy from the Centre of Urban Planning in Environmental Management, Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong in 2008. Her PhD study investigates theoretically appealing but practically inconclusive debates over the positive relation between superior environmental performance and company competitiveness with a focus on the public transport sector in Hong Kong and California. Her study examined how the design and implementation of environmental regulation can affect the relationship.

Her major research areas include low-carbon/clean energy and environment policy and behavioural study from an interdisciplinary perspective. Interdisciplinary research has increasingly been emphasized to tackle the highly complex and multi-faceted topic of clean energy and environment. Dr. Lam’s research philosophy is INTEGRATION, inspired by the effective and meaningful connection and complementation of different body parts. If God wills, she wants to demonstrate that such an approach is both necessary and fruitful in environmental studies. Her research is strongly driven by the conviction that clean energy and environmental policies should be carefully guided by scientific evidence, as well as expert-led, socially inclusive participatory processes.

The specific topics Dr. Lam has been working on are: (1) conditions that govern the process of clean energy transitions in the society and the approaches for managing these transitions, (2) policies and strategies that can effectively stimulate the process of socio-technological change and their relative potentials, and (3) ways to engage the society and build trust for more effective energy governance. She has close connections with the industry, government and the society. The work carries a strong element of university-industry collaboration, community education and outreach.

Dr. Lam is the recipient of the 2012-13 university-wide Research Assistant Professorship, and also a core member of the open innovation network, Initiative on Clean Energy and Environment. Prior to joining the Department (2008-12), she was a teaching consultant and postdoctoral fellow of the Kadoorie Institute in HKU.

In 2012, in collaboration with a group of scientists and engineers, she won a $3.2 million RGC-SPPR grant to conduct a 4-year interdisciplinary public policy research project titled “Effective Nuclear Safety Governance for Hong Kong and Guangdong China: A Stakeholder Trust-based Model”. She was the Associate Editor of International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (special issue) in 2011-12. She was a member of the Admission Committee for MSc in Environmental Management (2008, 2010-2012) She taught two master courses Environmental Policy (2007-12) and Principles of Sustainable Development (2008-10), supervises MSc thesis for MSc in Environmental Management (2008-13) and will teach Sustainability and Climate Change (ELEC7407) for MSc in Electronic Engineering (2013-14).


Awarded Research Grants

2012 – 15
Lead Co-Investigator, Research Grants Council- Public Policy Research Fund (Amount funded: $840,000)
Analyzing Stakeholders’ Views on Environmental Issues through Text Analysis — An Interdisciplinary Approach Using Computational Content Analysis (with Prof. YL Cheung (CUHK), Principal Investigator, Prof. WK Chan (CUHK); Prof. Richard Walker (CityU) and Prof. Peter Hills (HKU))

2012 – 15
Lead Co-Investigator, Research Grants Council- Strategic Public Policy Research Fund (Amount funded: $3,200,000)
Effective Nuclear Safety Governance for Hong Kong and Guangdong China: A Stakeholder Trust-based Model  (with Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung, Project Coordinator, and other academics spanning across five disciplinary units, including engineering and medicine; and Principal Advisor Prof. V.O.K. Li)

2011 – 12
Lead Co-Investigator, Research Grants Council- Public Policy Research Fund (Amount funded: $570,000)
Managing the Transition towards the Low-carbon Economy: Stakeholder Engagement for Technological Environmental Innovation Decision-making in Hong Kong (with Prof. Victor OK Li, Principal Investigator, Prof. Peter Hills and Daphne NY Mah, Co-investigators)

Principal Investigator, HKU-University Development Fund-ICEE (Amount funded: $280,000)
An Investigation of the HKU-ICEE Open-innovation Network on Knowledge Discovery and Exchange (with Prof. Peter Hills, Co-Investigator, and others)

Principal Investigator, HKU-University Development Fund-ICEE (Amount funded: $250,000)
An Evaluation of the Policy Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Technologies in Hong Kong, Asia, Europe and USA (with Prof. Richard Walker and Prof. Peter Hills, Co-Investigators)

Lead Co-Investigator & Project Leader, Environment & Conservation Fund-EE&CA (Amount funded: $232,000)
A Persuasive Technology Approach to Promoting Low-Carbon Footprint Food in the HKU Community (with Prof. Peter Hills, Principal Investigator, and other disciplinary units in HKU)

Principal Investigator, HKU-Small Project Funding (Amount funded: $45,000) Open Innovation, Corporate Response to Climate Change and Sustainability, and Competitive Advantage (with Prof. Peter Hills, Supervisor)

Lead Co-Investigator, CLP Power Renewable Energy Fund (Amount funded: $80,000) A Feasibility Study of Fuel Cell Application on Public Buses in Hong Kong (with Prof. Peter Hills, Principal Investigator, and H.T. Leung and H.Y. Wong, team members)


Journal Publications

  • Lam, C.K.J., Woo, C.K., Karhl, F., and Yu, W.K. (in press) What moves wind energy development in China? Show me the money, Applied Energy (SCI: 5.106)
  • Lam, C.K.J., Ng, C. and P. Hills (in press) Open innovation: study of industry-university collaboration in ITF-funded energy and environmental research projects in Hong Kong, International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society.
  • Lam, C.K.J. (2012) Transitioning towards a low-carbon economy in the United States: role of transition management, International Journal of Applied Logistics, 3, 3
  • Lam, C.K.J., Walker, R.M. and P. Hills (2012) Interdisciplinarity in sustainability studies: a review, Sustainable Development, DOI:  10.1002/sd.533 (SSCI: 1.209)
  • Yu, W.K. and J.C.K. Lam (2011) Opportunities and Challenges of Renewable Energy Development in Hong Kong: “Going” with the Wind? International Sustainable Development Research Society Newsletter, 4, 2011, 24-28.
  • Lam, C.K.J. (2011) Promoting technological environmental innovations:  what is the role of environmental regulation? International Journal of Applied Logistics, 2, 2, 17-34
  • Welford, R., Hills, P.R., and C.K.J. Lam (2006) Environmental reform, technology policy and ecological modernisation in Hong Kong, Development and Change, 37, 1. (SSCI: 1.359)
  • Lam C.K.J., Hills, P.R. and R.J. Welford (2005) Ecological modernisation, environmental innovation and competitiveness: the case of public transport in Hong Kong, International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, 2005, 1, 1-2, 103-126. (SSCI: 1.209)
  • Hills, P.R., Lam, C.K.J. and R. Welford (2004) Business, environmental reform and technological innovation in Hong Kong, Business Strategy and the Environment, 13, 2004.

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