Miss Tingting Jiang


Miss Tingting Jiang


BEng(EComE) 2007
Ph.D. student at Northwestern University

“There is a saying that college education should provide one with three things: a friend, an idea and a self-identity. In the three years in HKU, I have met more than one good friend among classmates and faculty, learned a lot of ideas that turned out to be relevant and even critical in research, but most importantly, I initiated the journey of discovering myself. Now looking back at the three years, I realize how influential it is to me – all the experience turned out to be precious memory, inspiring lessons, and eventually a part of me.”

Jockey Club Scholarship for Mainland Students after first-year study at Tsinghua University

Formerly on exchange study at the University of California, Santa Barbara


Last updated: July 10th, 2015