Dr. K.H. Li

B.Eng., Ph.D
Tel.: 2857 8495
Office: CB 521

Dr. K.H. Li

Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests

III-V based materials and optoelectronic devices, optical microcavities, semiconductor nanostructures, photonic system.


Dr. Kwai Hei Li received the B.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 2009 and 2013, respectively. After graduation, he received 1-year postdoctoral research training at the McGill University in Canada. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at HKU from 2014 to 2016, where he is now a Research Assistant Professor. His main research interest is in fabrication and characterization of III-V semiconductor optical devices. He was the recipient of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for Postgraduate Research and the HKU Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student 2012-2013. Dr. Li is a member of IEEE and serves as a reviewer for Applied Optics, Optics Express, Journal of Applied Physics, and Applied Physics Letters.


Selected Publications

  • K.H. Li, Y.F. Cheung, W.S. Cheung and H.W. Choi, “Confocal microscopic analysis of optical crosstalk in GaN micro-pixel light-emitting diodes”, Applied Physics Letters 107, 171103 (2015).
  • K.H. Li, Y. F. Cheung, and H. W. Choi “Whispering Gallery Mode Lasing in Optically-isolated III-Nitride Nano-Rings”, OSA Optics Letters 40, 2564-2567 (2015).
  • K.H. Li, X. Liu, Q. Wang, S. Zhao, and Z. Mi, “Ultralow-threshold electrically injected AlGaN nanowire ultraviolet lasers on Si operating at low temperature”, Nature Nanotechnology, 10, 140–144 (2015).
  • Y.F. Cheung, K.H. Li, R.S.Y. Hui, and H.W. Choi, “Observation of enhanced visible and infrared emissions in photonic crystal thin-film light-emitting diodes”, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 071104 (2014).
  • K.H. Li, C. Feng, and H.W. Choi, “Analysis of Micro-lens Integrated Flip-chip InGaN Light-emitting Diodes by Confocal Microscopy”, Applied Physics Letters, 104, 051107 (2014).
  • K.H. Li, K.Y. Zang, S.J. Chua, and H.W. Choi, “III-nitride Light-emitting Diode with Embedded Photonic Crystals”, Applied Physics Letters, 102, 181117 (2013).
  • K.H. Li, Z.T. Ma and H.W. Choi, “Tunable clover-shaped GaN photonic bandgap structures patterned by dual-step nanosphere lithography”, Applied Physics Letters 100, 141101 (2012).
  • Q.Zhang, K.H. Li and H.W. Choi, “InGaN light-emitting diodes with indium-tin-oxide sub-micron lenses patterned by nanosphere lithography”, Applied Physics Letters 100, 061120 (2012).
  • K.H. Li, Z.T. Ma and H.W. Choi, “Single whispering gallery mode lasing from metal-clad GaN nano-pillars”, OSA Optics Letters 37, 374 (2012).
  • K.H. Li, Z.T. Ma and H.W. Choi, “High-Q whispering-gallery mode lasing from nanosphere-patterned GaN nano-ring arrays”, Applied Physics Letters, 98, 071106 (2011).

Last updated: April 21st, 2016