Ir, Dr. M.H. Pong

B.Sc. Birmingham; Ph.D. Cambridge; C.Eng., M.I.E.T., Sen.M.I.E.E.E., M.H.K.I.E.
Tel.: 3917 7099
Office: CB 704

Ir, Dr. M.H. Pong

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Switching power supplies and power electronics

Dr. Bryan M.H.Pong graduated from Birmingham University with a 1st Class Hons. degree and he obtained his PhD degree from Cambridge University afterwards. He held several scholarships and prizes during this period. Later he received the Swan Premium from the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE, now IET). After graduation he joined National Semiconductor HK where he was a Senior Design Engineer and then Chief Design Engineer. Afterwards he joined ASTEC International where he was a Principal Engineer and later Division Engineering Manager. There he lead an Engineering Department to develop high frequency switching power supplies, battery chargers, and various power converters. Now he is an Associate Professor at the Hong Kong University.

His research interest is Power Electronics & Switching Power Supply. He is in charge of the Power Electronics Laboratory and the Electric Traction Laboratory in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department. He is leading a team to carry out research on low voltage converter topologies, magnetic component design and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) of switching power supplies. He focuses on applied research and started the “Switching Power Converter Development Program” which aimed to advance switching power converter technologies and foster cooperation with the industry. The Power Electronics Lab is now closely collaborating with many companies in the industry. Dr. Pong is a co-inventor of several US patents and has authored and co-authored a number of technical publications. Dr. Pong was a past chairman and a committee member of the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers Hong Kong Section (IEEE), PES/IAS/PELS Joint Chapter. He also served the Electrical Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.


Selected Publications

  • C.P. Liu, N.K. Poon, M.H. Pong,
    US patent on “Apparatus for Noise Current Reduction in Power Converters” patent number 6,490,181 3 Dec 2002.
  • Franki N.K. Poon, M.H. Pong, Joe C.P. Liu,
    US patent on “Method and System for Providing a DC voltage with Low Ripple by Overlaying a Plurality of AC Signals”, patent number 6,697,266 B2, 24 Feb 2004.
  • N.K. Poon, C.P. Liu, M.H. Pong, X.F. Xie,
    US patent on ” Current driven synchronous rectifier with energy recovery” patent number 6,134,131. October 2000.
  • C.P. Liu, N.K. Poon, M.H. Pong,
    US patent on “High Efficiency AC-DC Converter with Power Factor Corrector”, patent number 6,580,259, 17 June 2003.
  • N.K. Poon, C.P. Liu, M.H. Pong,
    US patent on “Current driven synchronous rectifier with energy recovery using hysterisis driver”, patent number 6,597,587, 22 July 2003.
  • N.K. Poon, J.C.P. Liu, C.K. Tse, M.H.Pong,
    “Techniques for Input Ripple Current Cancellation : Classification and Implementation”, IEEE Trans on Power Electronics, Vol. 15, No.6, November 2000, pp.1144-1152.
  • N.K. Poon, M.H. Pong, C.P.Liu, C.K. Tse,
    “Essential-Coupling-Path Models for Non-Contact EMI in Switching Power Converters Using Lumped Circuit Elements” IEEE Trans. on Power Electronics, Vol. 18, March 2003, p.686-695.
  • N.K. Poon, B.M.H. Pong, C.K.Tse
    “A Constant-Power Battery Charger with Inherent Soft Switching and Power Factor Correction”, IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics, Nov 2003, Vol 18, No. 6 pp.1262-1269.
  • C.P. Liu, C.K.Tse, N.K. Poon, B.M.H. Pong, Y.M. Lai
    “Synthesis of Input-Rectifierless AC/DC Converters”, IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics, Jan 2004, Vol 19, No. 1 pp.176-182.
  • C.P. Liu, C.K.Tse, N.K. Poon, B.M.H. Pong, Y.M. Lai
    “A PFC Voltage Regulator with Low Input Current Distortion Derived from a Rectifierless Topology”, IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics, July 2006, Vol 21, No. 4 pp.906-911.

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