Mr. Jason S.F. Pun


Mr. Jason Siu Fung Pun


BEng(CE) 2003
Sales & Marketing Manager, Kerry Logistics Network Ltd

“Modern business has high demands in services level and innovation, technology and information system can always be a good helper. With technical background, I can have a better understanding to new system for operation management and customer relation management such that I can have a clear picture in responding to customers’ enquiries. Furthermore, the engineering training from EEE enable me to have an analytical mind for designing operation procedures. Being well-trained with software development, I am always sensitive to any area can make use of I.T. in helping to improve the procedures and create more visibility to the supply chain.”

Jason Pun joined Kerry Logistics Network as a management trainee since his graduation in 2003. He has worked in different functional units such as warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding & business development during the 15 months training program. After finished the program, he focuses on sales and business development jobs. Now he is responsible for sales and marketing for freight forwarding business as well as key account management.


Last updated: July 10th, 2015