Mr. Solomon Chow


Mr. Solomon Chow


BEng(EE) 2021
Software Engineer at CLSA


“I am Chow Sheung Lam, Solomon. I earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from HKUEEE in 2021.

The BEng (EE) program not only equips me with engineering knowledge but also mathematical skills which are essential in working in the financial and technological sector.

With the flexible selection in a wide range of courses in power engineering, computer hardware, and software technology, I had a chance to expand my horizon in different domains of knowledge. 

Being passionate about both technology and finance, I did a final year project about the use of deep learning in finance and gained hands-on experience in developing machine learning models by myself and is useful during the job interviews in different financial institutions.

The greatest part of the BEng(EE) program is that it has high flexibility in choosing the courses.”


Last updated: August 16th, 2021