Prof. K.K.M. Tsia

Ph.D., M.Phil., B.E.
Tel.: 3917 8486
Office: CB 519

Prof. Kevin K.M. Tsia


Research Interests

Ultrafast real-time optical microscopy and spectroscopy; nonlinear fiber optics; microfluidic bioassay technologies; High-throughput single-cell analysis.


Kevin Tsia received his Ph.D. degree at the Electrical Engineering Department, at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in 2009. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Medical Engineering Program, at the University of Hong Kong. His research interest covers a broad range of subject matters, including ultra-fast real-time spectroscopy and microscopy for biomedical applications such as imaging flow cytometry, MHz optical coherence tomography. His pervious researches, such as energy harvesting in silicon photonics and the World’s fastest barcode reader and optical imaging system, have attracted worldwide press coverage and featured in many prestigious science and technology review magazines such as MIT Technology Review, EE Times and Science News. Dr. Tsia was the recipient of a fellowship by the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) from 2005 to 2006. He also received the 2009 Harry M. Showman Prize from Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA. He received Early Career Award 2012-2013 by the Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong. He received the Outstanding Young Research Award 2015 at HKU. His recent research on ultrafast optofluidic imaging technology, dubbed “ATOM”, has also been covered by local media and scientific magazines. He is author or coauthor of over 120 journal, conference papers and book chapters. He holds 2 granted and 2 pending US patents on ultrafast optical imaging technologies.


Selected Publications

  • Jianglai Wu, Yiqing Xu, Jingjiang Xu, Xiaoming Wei, Antony CS Chan, Anson HL Tang, Andy KS Lau, Bob MF Chung, Ho Cheung Shum, Edmund Y Lam, Kenneth KY Wong and Kevin K. Tsia, “Ultrafast Laser-Scanning Time-Stretch Imaging at Visible Wavelengths,” Light: Science & Applications (accepted) (2017) ; doi: 10.1038/lsa.2016.196.
  • Antony C. S. Chan, Kevin K. Tsia, and Edmund Y. Lam, “Subsampled scanning holographic imaging (SuSHI) for fast, non-adaptive recording of three-dimensional objects,” Optica  3, 911-917 (2016)
  • Yiqing Xu, Xiaoming Wei, Zhibo Ren, Kenneth K. Y. Wong and Kevin K. Tsia “Ultrafast measurements of optical spectral coherence by single-shot time-stretch interferometry ,” Scientific Reports 6, 27937 (2016).
  • Andy K. S. Lau, Ho Cheung Shum, Kenneth K. Y. Wong and Kevin K. Tsia “Optofluidic time-stretch imaging – an emerging tool for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry ,” Lab on a Chip, 16, 1743-1756 (2016).
  • Antony Chan, Andy K. S. Lau, Kenneth Kin-Yip, Edmund Lam, Kevin K. Tsia, “Arbitrary two-dimensional spectrally-encoded pattern generation – a new strategy for high-speed patterned illumination imaging,” Optica 2, 1037-1044 (2015).
  • Jingjiang Xu, Xiaoming Wei, Luoqin Yu, Chi Zhang, Jianbing Xu, K. K. Y. Wong, and Kevin K. Tsia, “High-performance multi-megahertz optical coherence tomography based on amplified optical time-stretch,” Biomed. Opt. Express 6, 1340-1350 (2015)
  • Chi Zhang, Yiqing Xu, Xiaoming Wei, Kevin K. Tsia, and Kenneth K. Y. Wong, “Time-stretch microscopy based on time-wavelength sequence reconstruction from wideband incoherent source,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 041113 (2014) 
  • Terence T. W. Wong, Andy K. S. Lau, Kenneth K. Y. Ho, Matthew Y. H. Tang, Joseph D. F. Robles, Xiaoming Wei, Antony C. S. Chan, Anson H. L. Tang, Edmund Y. Lam, Kenneth K. Y. Wong, Godfrey C. F. Chan, Ho Cheung Shum & Kevin K. Tsia, “Asymmetric-detection time-stretch optical microscopy (ATOM) for ultrafast high-contrast cellular imaging in flow,” Scientific Reports 4, 3656 (2014) .
  • Terence T. W. Wong, Andy K. S. Lau, Kenneth K. Y. Wong, Kevin K. Tsia, “Optical time-stretch confocal microscopy at 1 um,” Opt. Lett. 37, 3330 (2012).
  • K. K. Y. Cheung, C. Zhang, Y. Zhou, K. K. Y. Wong, and Kevin K. Tsia, “Manipulating supercontinuum generation by minute continuous wave,” Opt. Lett. 36, 160-162 (2011).
  • K. Goda, Kevin. K. Tsia, and B. Jalali, “Serial Time-Encoded Amplified Imaging for Real-Time Observation of Fast Dynamic Phenomena” Nature, 458, 1145-1149 (2009).

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