Prof. T.S. Ng

B.Sc. (Eng.) H.K.; M.Eng.Sc., Ph.D. Newcastle; C.Eng.; F.I.E.T.; F.I.E.E.E.; F.H.K.I.E.
Tel.: 2857-8496
Office: CB614

Prof. T.S. Ng

Emeritus Professor
Honorary Professor

Research Interests

Spread spectrum techniques, mobile communications, digital signal processing, antenna arrays, and system identification.

Professor Ng Tung Sang is an expert in mobile communication technologies, especially in CDMA which uses spread spectrum techniques. He received the B. Sc. (Eng.) degree in Electrical Engineering with honours from The University of Hong Kong in 1972. Immediately after graduation, he accepted BHP Steel International’s offer of a graduate electrical engineer position and started working in Newcastle, Australia in November, 1972. While undertaking the one and half year training program he also completed the Master of Engineering Science degree program at the University of Newcastle. He continued his graduate study and completed the PhD programme with a scholarship from the University of Newcastle in 1976.

He then started his academic career with The University of Wollongong, Australia. From 1977 to 1990, he was a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer and Reader and in December 1990, he took up the appointment of Professor and Chair of Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. He was Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from 2000 to 2003 and Dean of Engineering from 2003 to 2007. Professor Ng was an elected member of HKU Council for 9 years, a member of the HKU SPACE Board of Directors for 7 years, Chairman of the Tenders Board for 9 years, a Senate Member for over 20 years and Chairman of the HKU Committee on Research and Conference Grants for 6 years. He has also chaired the Review of several HKU Faculties and academic units. He was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor by HKU after his retirement in 2014.

Professor Ng has successfully supervised 25 PhD and 17 Master by Research candidates. He has co-edited 1 book, co-authored 9 book chapters, authored or co-authored 125 international journal papers and 198 peer reviewed conference papers. He has also received several best paper awards at different international conferences and has been granted 6 U.S. and 1 PRC patents. He has been an editor for several international journals including the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing and the International Journal – Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (Pergamon Press).

Professor Ng has been a visiting professor in a number of U.S. and European universities and held Honorary/Visiting Professorial appointment at several P.R.C. universities. He was a Chartered Engineer in Hong Kong and a Chartered Engineer in The United Kingdom. He is a Fellow of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, and a Fellow of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, U.S.A. (IEEE).

Professor Ng has been very active in international professional engineering society activities and has served the HKIE, IEE (UK) and IEEE (USA) in various capacities. He was the Vice President of Region 10 (Asia Pacific), IEEE Circuits and Systems Society; a member of the IEE President’s Strategic Working Party on future governance and developments; a member of the IEE Informatics Divisional Board and Executive Committee and an Ordinary Member of IEE Council and Chairman of The HKIE Accreditation Board.

He was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Engineering Degree by the University of Newcastle, Australia in 1997, the Senior Croucher Foundation Fellowship in 1999, the IEEE Millenium Medal in February, 2000 and the Outstanding Researcher Award by The University of Hong Kong in 2003.



Selected Publications

  • Lanlan He, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu, Yiqing Zhou, Tung-Sang Ng and H. Vincent Poor, “Pilot-Aided IQ Imbalance Compensation for OFDM Systems Operating over Doubly Selective Channels”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 59(4), 2223-2233, May 2011.
  • Lanlan He, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu and Tung-Sang Ng, “Semiblind Iterative Data Detection for OFDM Systems with CFO and Doubly Selective Channels”, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 58(12), pp. 3491-3499, Dec. 2010.
  • Chengwen Xing, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu and Tung-Sang Ng, “Transceiver Design for Dual-Hop Non-regenerative MIMO-OFDM Relay Systems Under Channel Uncertainties”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 58(12), pp. 6325-6339, Dec. 2010.
  • Y.Q. Zhou and T.S. Ng, “Performance analysis on MIMO-OFCDM systems with multi-code transmission”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 8(9), 4426-4433, September, 2009.
  • S.D.Ma, X.Y. Pan, G.H. Yang and T.S. Ng, “Blind symbol synchronization based on cyclic prefix for OFDM”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 58(4), 1746-1751, April, 2009.
  • G. Zheng, S.D. Ma, K.K. Wong and T.S. Ng. “Robust Beamforming in the MISO Downlink with Quadratic Channel Estimation and Optimal Training”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless communications, 8(3), 1067-1072, March, 2009.
  • Y.Q. Zhou and T.S. Ng, “MIMO-OFCDM systems with joint iterative detection and optimal power allocation”,  IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 7(12), 5504-5516, Part 2, Dec. 2008.
  • J.W. Chen, Y.C. Wu, S.D. Ma and T.S. Ng, “Joint CFO and Channel Estimation for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Systems with Optimal Training Sequences”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 56(8), 4008-4019, Aug. 2008.
  • Y.Q. Zhou, T.S. Ng, J. Wang, K. Higuchi and M. Sawahashi, “OFCDM: a promising broadband wireless access technique”,  IEEE Communications Magazine, 46(3), 39-49, Mar. 2008.
  • F.F. Gao, Yonghong. Zeng, A. Nallanathan and T.S. Ng, “Robust subspace blind channel estimation for cyclic prefixed MIMO OFDM systems: algorithm, identifiability and performance analysis”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 26(2), 378-388, Feb. 2008.


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