Mr. Tyrone Kwok


Mr. Tyrone Kwok


BEng(CE) 2003, MPhil 2005, Ph.D. 2008
Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University

“HKUEEE provides excellent training and support to students in various curricula, enabling students to pursue their dreams upon graduation. Without HKUEEE, it would not be possible for me to work with other talented researchers at CSU and NECLA.”

Tyrone received the BEng degree in computer engineering in 2003, MPhil degree in 2005, PhD degree in 2008, all from HKU. He is now a postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University (CSU), where he continues his research in high performance computing. Recently, he is visiting NEC Laboratories America (NECLA), Inc.


Last updated: July 10th, 2015