Dr. W.H. Lam

B.Sc. Essex; M.Sc., DIC Lond.; Ph.D. Southampton; C.Eng., M.I.E.T., M.H.K.I.E., S.M.I.E.E.E.
Tel.: 2859-1912
Office: CB 715

Dr. W.H. Lam

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Digital mobile radio communications systems, spread spectrum communications systems and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Having obtained the BSc and the MSc from Essex University and Imperial College (UK) respectively, Dr. Lam received the Ph.D. degree (with SERC CASE award) from the University of Southampton, U.K., where he was sponsored by and collaborated with British Telecom Research Laboratory (BTRL), Plessey Research Laboratory (UK) and Bell Lab (US) to work on the pan-European digital cellular mobile radio communications systems which is then known as GSM . He was a member of the Mobile Radio Research Group and specialized in digital cellular mobile radio communications including GSM, CDMA and RACE. In 1988, he joined STL (STC Laboratory) in Harlow, U.K., where was responsible for the UK DTI-LINK project ” phones on the move ” of DTI, micro-cellular project, the formulation of the personal communication systems (PCN) architecture and subsequently winning the operation license application of the British PCN. In 1989, he was with Pan-European Digital Cellular Infrastructure R & D center of Motorola Limited, Swindon, U.K. , where he was responsible for the development and validation of the GSM systems, radio resource network management project which encompassed radio propagation measurements and prediction, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), GSM & PCN radio frequency planning and radio network planning. In 1991, Dr. Lam joined the University of Hong Kong where he is currently heading a group of researchers in the field of mobile radio communications and intelligent transport systems (ITS). He has been very active locally and internationally, and has published more than 63 technical publications in the field of digital cellular mobile radio communications. He was the chairman and organizer of a series of regional conferences on mobile radio communications and a distinguished speaker and chairperson at several international conferences & meetings. Dr. Lam had more than 15-year R & D experience in digital cellular mobile radio communications. His current research interests are pico-cellular/indoor personal communications networks (PCN), UMTS, FLMTS, and Mobile CDMA, radio propagation, radio resource optimization, wireless LAN and WAN, broadband ISDN, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Selected Publications

  • W.H.Lam and R.Steele,”Adaptive correlative diversity for a CD900 like system in an urban mobile radio environment”, Electronic Letters, Vol.22, No.20, pp1077-pp1078, September 1986.
  • W.H. Lam and R. Steele, “Combined space and adaptive correlation diversity in the CD900 system”, IEE Electronics Letters, Vol.23, No.10, pp.496-498, May 1987.
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