Dr. W.H. Lam

Email: whlam@eee.hku.hk / whlamemail@gmail.com
Tel.: 9469 1108

Dr. W.H. Lam

Honorary Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Mobile wireless technology (GSM/2g-6g), ITS, mobile Apps & web/ IT services, AI


Dr. W.H Lam is an expert in digital mobile radio communications (2G/GSM, 3G,…5G), and also in the areas of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS and GIS), program /software engineering and networking, wireless IT development, mobile APPs and website APPs development.

Dr. Lam has been active in the industry locally and internationally. He has been the chairman and organizer of a series of regional and international conferences on mobile radio communications and a distinguished speaker and chairperson of many international conferences & meetings. He has published more than 80 technical publications in the field of digital cellular mobile radio communications and IT.

Prior to joining HKU, graduated in UK, Dr.Lam had worked in UK for about 8 years long, all in the area of digital mobile radio communications, including British Telecom Research Laboratory (UK), STL (STC Technology Limited, UK) and Motorola Ltd. (Pan-European Digital Cellular Infrastructure R&D Centre, UK). Subsequently in returning to HK and having joined HKU, Dr. Lam had led an R&D team to develop products/services for cellular mobile phone systems (GSM/2G-6G), including “the validation systems /prototypes for Base Station (BS) and Mobile Station (MS, mobile phone)”, the GIS based radio network planning (radio signal strength prediction using ray-tracing) and GPS-based automatic measurement tool, ITS (intelligent transport systems), GPS based road traffic detection, web services and mobile Apps, AI and so on. In particular, he had lead / completed a number of various projects / contracts for various Government departments & organizations / companies, in the area of wireless, ITS, IT and web-services, mobile Apps, and so on.



Selected Publications

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