Prof. W.S. Leung

B.Sc.(Eng.) University of London, Ph.D. University of Leeds, F.H.K.I.E., F.I.E.E., J.P., O.B.E

Prof. W.S. Leung

Emeritus Professor

Research Interests

Eddy Currents, noise and vibrations, two-axis and axial-field theories, electric vehicles, torque and bio-electronic measuring systems.

Professor Leung received his electrical engineering education and training in England, and worked briefly in Switzerland before returning to Hong Kong to take up a lectureship in the University of Hong Kong in 1960. He was promoted through the ranks to professorship and held the post of Head of Department for 14 years before his retirement from the Department in 1994 when he was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor by the University. He also served as Dean of Engineering and Architecture for six years and as Dean of Engineering for three years. During his deanships, the Department of Industrial Engineering was established and the Department of Computer Science was added to the Faculty. He served as the Overseas Representative of the British Institution of Electrical Engineers in Hong Kong for six years from 1981. He also served in various committees of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers for a number of years. He was an honourary advisor of the South China Institution of Technology and the Industrial University of Shanghai. He is currently a member of the Safety Advisory Committee of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station. He is also a fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the British Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Science.

Selected Publications

  • Investigations of induction motors with unbalanced secondary winding connections, Vol. 114, 1967, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 974-977.

  • A new excitation system for synchronous alternators, Vol. 1, 1969, Transactions of E.E.E., pp. 72-77.

  • A generalized treatment on single-phase motors with the aid of a digital computer, Vol. 116, 1969, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 769-770.

  • A.C. servomotors with concentrated stator windings, Vol. 120, No. 1, 1973, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 67-72.

  • Universal equivalent circuit for steady-state operations of induction motors, Vol. 120, No. 12, 1973, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 1493-1498.

  • Computerised linear control of a.c. generator output, Vol. 121, No. 10, 1974, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 1150-1154.

  • Outline control techniques for plastic extrusion processes, Vol. 123, No. 5, 1976, Proceedings of I.E.E., pp. 462-464.

  • A new design approach for axial-field electrical machines, I.E.E.E. Trans., Power Apparatus and Systems, Vol. PAS-99, No. 4, 1980, pp. 1679-1685.

  • Principles of a water-wheel generator with floating rotor, Trans. I.E.E.E., Power Apparatus & Systems, 1984, Vol. PAS-103, pp. 368-373.

  • Adaptive decoupling control of induction motor drives, I.E.E.E. Transactions on Industrial electronics, Vol. 37, No. 1, 1990, pp. 41-47.

Last updated: May 20th, 2015