Z. Chu

Web: https://www.zqchu-pbblab.hku.hk/
Tel.: 3917 2685
Office: CB516

Zhiqin Chu

Assistant Professor (joint appointment with School of Biomedical Sciences)

Dr. Chu received his B.S. and PhD degrees all in Physics from Northwest University (China) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in July 2008 and July 2012, respectively. After one year as postdoctoral fellow in the same group, Dr. Chu carried out his postdoctoral research (2014/04-2016/09) at The University of Stuttgart (Germany). Dr. Chu moved back to Hong Kong in October 2016 and worked as a Research Assistant Professor in Department of Physics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since November 2018, Dr. Chu has been an Assistant Professor in Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Joint Appointment with School of Biomedical Sciences) at The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Chu received the Chen Ning Yang Scholarship from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, and also The Finalist of Hong Kong Young Scientist Awards (under physics track) from The Hong Kong Institution of Science in 2013.



Selected Publications

  • Torsten Rendler+, Jitka Slegerova+, Ondrej Zemek, Jan Kotek, Andrea Zappe, Zhiqin Chu*, Petr Cigler*, Jörg Wrachtrup, “Optical Imaging of Localized Chemical Events using Programmable Diamond Quantum Nanosensors”, Nat. Commun., 2017, 8, 14701.
  • Bokai Zhang, Xi Feng, Yanhuan Wang, Zhiqin Chu, Helena Raabova, Jan Vavra, Petr Cigler, Renbao Liu, Yi Wang*, Quan Li*, “Anchored but not Internalized: Shape Dependent Endocytosis of Nanodiamond”, Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 46462.
  • Ali Momenzadeh, Felipe Fávaro de Oliveira, Philipp Neumann, D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao, Andrej Denisenko, Morteza Amjadi, Zhiqin Chu, Sen Yang, Neil B. Manson, Marcus W. Doherty, and Jörg Wrachtrup, “Thin Circular Diamond Membrane with Embedded Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers for Hybrid Spin-Mechanical Quantum Systems”, Phys. Rev. Applied,2016, 6, 024026.
  • Zhiqin Chu, Kaikei Miu, Pingsai Lung, Silu Zhang, Saisai Zhao, Huan-Cheng Chang, Ge Lin and Quan Li*, “Rapid Endosomal Escape of Prickly Nanodiamonds: Implications for Gene Delivery”, Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 11661.
  • Zhiqin Chu, Silu Zhang, Bokai Zhang, Chunyuan Zhang, Chia-yi Fang, Ivan Rehor, Petr Cigler, Huan-Cheng Chang, Ge Lin, Renbao Liu and Quan Li*, “Unambiguous Observation of Shape Effects on Cellular Fate of Nanoparticles”, Scientific Reports, 2014, 4, 4495.
  • Zhiqin Chu, Chun Yin, Silu Zhang, Ge Lin* and Quan Li*, “Surface Plasmon Enhanced Drug Efficacy Using Core Shell Au@SiO2 Nanoparticle Carrier”, Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 3406-3411.
  • Silu Zhang, Zhiqin Chu, Chun Yin, Chunyuan Zhang, Ge Lin* and Quan Li*, “Controllable Drug Release and Simultaneously Carrier Decomposition of SiO2-drug Composite Nanoparticles”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 5709-5716.
  • Zhiqin Chu, Yuanjie Huang, Lili Li, Qian Tao and Quan Li*, “Physiological Pathway of Human Cell Damage induced by Genotoxic Crystalline Silica Nanoparticles”, Biomaterials, 2012, 33,7540-7546.
  • Zhiqin Chu, Yuanjie Huang, Qian Tao and Quan Li*, “Cellular Uptake, Evolution, and Excretion of Silica Nanoparticles in Human Cells”, Nanoscale, 2011, 3, 3291-3299.

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