Departmental Research Facilities

Biomedical Engineering
Name Description Photo Person In-charge

High-field 7-Tesla MRI Scanner

The 7-Tesla MRI Scanner is a high-field NMR imaging system which offers advanced capabilities to study soft tissue structures and functions in small animals. It consists of an actively shielded 7T horizontal superconducting magnet with a 16 cm bore, gradient control system, RF transmitting and receiving coils, and the computer console.

Prof. Ed Wu

32 Channel Recording System

The 32 channel recording system is a group of digital signal processors which can be used to acquire, process and analyse multi-site electrophysiological/neural signals. It can also provide real-time assessments and monitoring for animal behavioural experiments, and output customized stimulations to experimental subjects.

Prof. Ed Wu

Nanowizard4-XP Bio-AFM system

The NanoWizard® 4 XP BioScience atomic force microscope combines atomic resolution and fast scanning with rates of up to 150 lines/sec and a large scan range of 100µm in one system. It is designed to provide highest mechanical and thermal stability on inverted optical microscopes during long term experiments on samples ranging from single molecules to living cells and tissues.

Dr. Z. Chu

Verasonics® Vantage 256 System

Verasonics system is a fully programmable open architecture ultrasound system. The system is comprised of three main components— a data acquisition module, a host controller and Matlab®-based software package. The programmability through Matlab and full access to the channel data permits to develop advanced imaging algorithms and products in ultrasound research. The system is currently used for B-Mode imaging, Doppler imaging, ultrafast ultrasound imaging, shear wave and strain imaging and other ultrasound imaging research.

Dr. W.N. Lee

Ultrasonix® RP System

The RP System is a diagnostic ultrasound scanner with both a research and a clinical mode. In the research mode, the system is designed to allow users to pre-define parameters and access raw data (i.e., beamformed radiofrequency (RF) data) that are not provided in other clinical systems. The system offers A-mode, B-mode, M-Mode, power Doppler, pulsed Doppler, and color Doppler.

Dr. W.N. Lee

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System (Onda Corporation)

The 3D positioning system is comprised of a water tank with a positioning controller, a desktop PC with control and processing application software, an oscilloscope, and a function generator for the measurement of acoustic fields. An ultrasound transducer and a hydrophone are placed in the water tank filled with de-gassed water. The 3D positioning system controls the positions of the transducer and the hydrophone.

Dr. W.N. Lee


The flow pump can generate different types of blood flows, including constant, sinusoidal, carotid arterial and femoral arterial flows at controllable flow rates.

Dr. W.N. Lee


Electrical Energy and Control Systems
Name Description Photo Person In-charge

Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Testbed

The equipment can physically simulate wind power, solar, micro-generator, energy storage, AC/DC loads and their coordinations.

Dr. J. Zhong

Power Transmission and Distribution Study Testing System

The testing system includes modules of power generation, transmission, substations and loads, allowing for manual equipment connection and real-time data acquisition & control. Experiment on synchronous generator, three-phase power pine and power substation can also be conducted with the testing system.

Dr. Y. Hou

Triphase Distributed Power(100kVA) System

The Triphase Distributed Power System (DPS) product range realizes a scalable, flexible and open platform for rapid prototyping and power-hardware-in-the-loop testing of power conversion and power system applications.

Prof. D. Hill

Real Time Digital Simulator(RTDS)

The RTDS Simulator would provide a state of the art, real time simulator for general power system studies, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing of protective relay and control systems, Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) simulations, as well as research and development.

Prof. D. Hill


Intelligent Systems, Data and Networks
Name Description Photo Person In-charge

Artificial Intelligence Workload Cluster

The Artificial Intelligence Workload Cluster provides powerful GPU resources in a private cloud setup for users.

The cluster setup consists of 5 GPU server nodes managed by an OpenStack controller. Each GPU server node holds 4 NVIDIA V100 GPU interconnected by NVLink fabrics for high speed inter-card communications.

Dr. H.K.H. So

Photonics and Electronics
Name Description Photo Person In-charge

MicroFab JetLab 4 Printing System

Micro-dispensing of suspensions including inks, nano-particles based on ink-jet technology

Prof. H.W. Choi

Pulsed Laser Deposition System

Deposition of dielectrics and other materials by pulsed laser deposition

Prof. H.W. Choi

NT-MTD Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope

Optical microscope with sub-wavelength resolution for the imaging of nanostructures

Prof. H.W. Choi

Carl Zeiss Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope LSM 700

The LSM 700 confocal laser scanning microscope is capable of measuring topology, roughness and layer thickness of many different materials including semiconductors, metals and polymers

Prof. H.W. Choi

EVG501 Wafer Bonding System

The EVG501 wafer bonder makes use of eutectic bonding to bond wafers of different materials in the development of heterogenous integrated systems

Prof. H.W. Choi

HORIBA iHR550 Imaging Spectrometer

The iHR550 spectrometer is part of a spectroscopic setup that is capable of measuring photoluminescence, time-resolved photoluminescence and Raman spectra

Prof. H.W. Choi

Angstrom Engineering Nexdep Electron-beam Evaporation System


Electron-beam evaporation of metals such as Au, Ni, and Ti for III-V devices

Prof. H.W. Choi

E5071C 20 GHz ENA Vector Network Analyzer

The ENA is an integrated network analyzer with a four-ort S-parameter test set, a synthesized RF source, a 10.4-inch color LCD, and a hard disk drive.

Dr. L. Jiang

AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

AQ6375 is a bench-top optical spectrum analyzer covering the long wavelengths of over 2 μm, capable of high speed measurements with high accuracy, resolution and sensitivity.

Prof. K.Y. Wong

Denton Vacuum Discovery 635 sputtering system

Depositing special materials to fabricate semiconductor devices that could be killed by cross contamination of 0.1 ppm

Prof. P.T. Lai


Thermal annealing of semiconductor devices in a short time

Prof. P.T. Lai

Technics 900-II Micro PE-CVD System

Depositing materials to fabricate semiconductor devices

Prof. P.T. Lai

Technics 800-II Micro RIE System

Etching device patterns on thin substrates

Prof. P.T. Lai

AB-M Contact Mask Aligner

Forming device patterns on thin substrates

Prof. P.T. Lai

DISCO Automatic Dicing Saw

Cutting semiconductor wafers into chips

Prof. P.T. Lai

Sputtering system

Sputtering system for thin film deposition

Dr. P.W.T. Pong

Secondary ion mass spectrometer

Secondary ion mass spectrometer for surface analysis

Dr. P.W.T. Pong

Vibrating sample magnetometer

Vibrating sample magnetometer for magnetic characterization

Dr. P.W.T. Pong