Biomedical Engineering
Prof. E.X. Wu (Group Director) Biomedical imaging; Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) engineering and applications in biomedical research; Medical instrumentation; Image processing.
Dr. Z. Chu Precision Biosensing/Imaging (e.g., Spin Defects in Diamond for Bio-oriented Quantum Sensing); Biophysics; Biophotonics and Materials-Biology Interface.
Dr. W.N. Lee Novel medical ultrasound techniques, such as strain imaging and shear wave imaging, particularly for cardiovascular applications; Biomedical imaging; Image processing.
Dr. A.T.L. Leong Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications in neuroscience research; Preclinical MRI; Neuromodulation; Biomedical signal/image processing
Prof. K.K.M. Tsia Ultrafast real-time optical microscopy and spectroscopy, e.g. fluorescence, Raman; Laser microsurgery for endoscopic applications; novel optical devices for biomedicine; silicon-based photonic devices; optical interconnect.
Electrical Energy and Control Systems
Prof. R.S.Y. Hui (Group Director) Power Electronics, Smart Grid, Wireless Power Transfer, Sustainable Lighting Technology, LED System Theory and Optimization, High-frequency planar magnetics and converters.
Prof. K.T. Chau Electric Vehicles, Electric Drives, Power Electronics.
Prof. G. Chesi Systems theory, Control systems, Optimization, Applied mathematics, Robotics, Computer vision.
Prof. D.J. Hill Power system analysis, control and planning; Future electricity grids; Distributed control; Complex dynamical networks; Stability analysis
Dr. Y. Hou Electric Power Systems Analysis; Integration of Renewable Energy Sources; Power System Resource Planning; Electricity Market Theory; Artificial Intelligence
Dr. C.K. Lee Power Electronics; Smart Grid Technology; Wireless Power Transfer Technology; Planar Electromagnetics Design
Dr. A.T.L. Lee Power Electronics – emerging LED driver technology, sustainable lighting technology, wireless power transfer, advanced single-inductor multiple-output (SIMO) topology, and digitally-controlled power converters.
Dr. T. Liu Power system stability analysis, Complex dynamical networks, Distributed control, Event-triggered control, Switched systems.
Dr. M.H. Pong Switching power supplies and power electronics.
Dr. P.W.T. Pong Spintronics, Nanobiotechnology and Smart Grid.
Dr. Y. Song Power and energy systems, microgrids, stability analysis, optimization over networks, graph theory.
Prof. S.C. Tan Power electronics, sliding mode control applications, LED driving systems, smart grids, and clean energy technologies.
Dr. J. Zhong Renewable energy market; electricity market; power system economic operation; smart grid.
Intelligent Systems, Data and Networks
Prof. V.O.K. Li (Group Director) Information technologies, all-optical networks, wireless networks, Internet technologies and applications.
Prof. S.C. Chan Digital Signal Processing, Data Compression, Speech, Audio Image Processing.
Dr. K.B. Huang MIMO communications; Analysis and design of wireless networks using stochastic geometry; Multi-antenna limited feedback techniques; Energy harvesting and transfer for wireless communications; Cross-layer designs.
Prof. R.Y.K. Kwok Parallel and Distributed Systems; Wireless Networking
Dr. J.C.K. Lam
  • New Energy/Nuclear Energy Safety Management and Governance
  • Design and Implementation of Technological Environmental Innovation Regulations and Policies, especially public transport policies in Hong Kong and the United States
  • System Innovation and Transition Management
  • Open Innovation & University-Industry Collaboration, esp. clean energy & environment
  • Sustainability, with focus on education for sustainable low-carbon and healthy living
Dr. K.S. Lui Network Protocol Design and Analysis.
Dr. E.C.H. Ngai Internet-of-Things, mobile cloud computing, data analytics and machine learning, network security and data privacy, smart cities and health informatics
Dr. Xiaojuan Qi Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning
Dr. H.K.H. So Reconfigurable Computing; FPGA Technology; Operating System Design for Reconfigurable Computers; Computer Architecture; Hardware/Software Codesign Methodology.
Dr. N. Wong VLSI model reduction, digital filter design, Sigma-Delta converters, antenna array, semidefinite programming and optimization techniques.
Dr. Y.C. Wu Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Communication Systems
Prof. L.K. Yeung Next-generation Internet, packet switch/router design, all-optical networks, wireless data networks.
Photonics and Electronics
Prof. K.K.Y. Wong (Group Director) Novel optical generation; Photonic parametric processing; Ultrafast optical fiber communication and imaging (spectroscopy, microscopy and tomography).
Prof. A.H.W. Choi Gallium Nitride materials/ device design, modelling, processing and characterization.
Prof. W.C.H. Choy Nano-optoelectronics, organic optoelectronics, nano-biosensors, nanostructures, and integrated photonic devices.
Dr. K.T.H. Hui Physical modeling and experimentation, materials characterization, pattern prediction, model-based analysis and computing, remote sensing
Dr. L. Jiang Electromagnetics, IC Signal and Power Integrity, Antennas, EMC/EMI, Multidisciplinary EDA Solutions, RF and Microwave Technologies.
Prof. P.T. Lai Semiconductor processing; Device physics, modeling and simulation; Integrated sensors.
Dr. C. Li Artificial Intelligence accelerator, neuromorphic computing, nanoelectronics devices, non-volatile memories, software-hardware co-optimization.
Prof. E.Y.M. Lam Computational imaging; biomedical imaging; computer vision; pattern recognition, classification, and analysis; machine learning
Dr. Z. Wang Resistive switching, neuromorphic systems, machine learning accelerators
Dr. S. Zhang Metamaterials, topological photonics, nonlinear optics, plasmonics, metasurfaces, holography



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