Class Representatives

Class Reps are the elected voices of our students.

They echo the views of their peers concerning their coursework, tutorial, laboratory, learning environment, and any other related academic issues. 

Class Reps work in partnership with academic staffs (particularly the staff-student consultative committee) and the EEEA in ensuring that the voices of students in the department are heard and that both academic and support staffs are proactively engaging with students to improve their learning experiences.


Benefits of Becoming a Class Rep

  • Opportunity for more interaction with academic staffs and programme directors
  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • For your contribution, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the department.


Class Reps of Class 2016-2017

Class Reps names:  
Lau Yin Heng Henry (CE-Year2)
Chan Wing Hei (CE-Year2)
Vikram Aditya Srivastava (ElecE-Year2)
Gandhi Roshan Samir (ElecE-Year2)
Sanjaied Sian Aziz (EE-Year2)
Chan Wang Ho William (EE-Year2)
Liao Hsuan-cheng (CE-Year3)
Chen Wei (CE-Year3)
Isuri Bimsara Ratnayake (ElecE-Year3)
Ho Long Kit (EE-Year3)
Yeung Chi On (EE-Year3)
Chiu King Yuen (CE-Year4)
Wong Minfei (ElecE-Year4)
Guo Xing Wen (ElecE-Year4)
Guo Nian (EE-Year4)

Huang Ying (Postgraduate)
Jiang Weier (MSc -EEE)
Ahmed Syed Abrar (MSc – EnergyE)
Chan Chi Chung Charles (EEEA)



Class Reps of Class 2015-2016

Class Reps names:  
Jeng Shih-Ying (CE-Year2)
Cheng Wei (CE-Year2)
Isuri Binsara Ratnayake (ElecE-Year2)
Luk Sai Ting Amy (ElecE-Year2)
Yeung Chi On (EE-Year2)
Ho Long Kit (EE-Year2)
Chiu King Yuen (CE-Year3)
Guo Xingwen Emily (ElecE-Year3)
Guo Nian (EE-Year3)
Ho Ka Kit (CE-Year4)
Wang Wen Tao Tom (ElecE-Year4)
Chen Lu Yu (ElecE-Year4)
Tse Wing Kit (EE-Year4)
Wong Gabriel (ElecE-Year4)
Huang Ying (Postgraduate)
Liu Jianbang (MSc)
Tam Wing Yiu, Ben (EEEA)