MSc(Eng) in EEE


Dissertation/Project Guidelines

For MSc in Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and MSc in Engineering in Energy Engineering students admitted in the academic year 2019-2020 and thereafter, the procedures below are the necessary steps to follow:

A. Each student is required to complete (i) a dissertation (of 24 credits) or a project (of 12 credits) under the supervision of an appropriate teacher(s) in this department, and (ii) attend and satisfactorily complete a capstone workshop in his/her respective stream/programme.

B. Students should first enroll in a capstone workshop (for dissertation: ELEC7021/EMEE7001; for project: ELEC7022/EMEE7002) of their respective stream/programme in the online enrollment system ( during the course selection period or add/drop period of 1st and 2nd semesters.

C.The details of the workshops are as follows:

  1. MSc(Eng) in EEE (Power Engineering Stream) (choose one of the following)
    > Power Systems Simulation
    > Power Electronics Simulation
  2. MSc(Eng) in EEE (Communications Engineering and General Stream) (choose one of the following)
    > Embedded System using Field Programming Gate Arrays (FPGA)
    > Apps Programming
  3. MSc(Eng) in EnergyE
    > Simulation Techniques for Renewable Energy Systems


The workshops will normally be held in Part I Lab (LG-205, Chow Yei Ching Building) in the first 6 weeks of the 1st and 2nd semesters (depending on the total number of students enrolled). In general, full-time students are given preference to take the workshop in the first semester while part-time students are given preference to take the workshop in the second semester. Details of re-assessment will be announced by instructors of the workshop.

Attendance will be taken in each session of the capstone workshop, students must attend all the sessions.

D. After successful enrollment in a capstone workshop, students may contact directly the appropriate supervisor for more details about the dissertation/project or self-proposed dissertation/project (Note). Students should visit the following link for possible dissertation topics offered by the EEE Department,

The list will be updated by approximately in the middle of September each year.

If both the supervisor and student agree to work on a given dissertation/project, the student should complete and return a dissertation/project supervisor confirmation form (Attachment I) to the Department.

(Note: Students are requested to send a short resume, including educational background and training/experience (if any) on hardware and software designs when contacting individual teaching staff for consultation to be the dissertation/project supervisor.)


Composition fee

The composition fee for Dissertation (ELEC7021/EMEE7001) is equivalent to the composition fee for 24 credits, in two installments. While the composition fee for Project (ELEC7022/EMEE7002) is equivalent to the composition fee for 12 credits, to be paid in two installments.


Mid-term review and dissertation/project submission

There will be a compulsory mid-term review for each MSc dissertation/project student:

  1. a) Mid-term review should be taken place three months after he/she has submitted the supervisor confirmation form; and the earliest time for the student to submit his/her dissertation is three months after the completion of the mid-term review.
  2. b) Marks should be given for the mid-term review and it would weigh a maximum of 20% out of 100% towards the whole dissertation/ project.


The student should submit the dissertation/project before the chosen deadline. (Normally, the deadline should be 1 December for Semester 1, 1 May for Semester 2, 1 August for Summer Semester. However, the dissertation deadline for final year students should be 30 April.)

The dissertation/project may last for one year or slightly longer time. For submission of the final report, the students are required to submit two hardcopies and upload the softcopy to the Department ( and HKU Moodle (Maximum File Size: 20MB). Moreover, it is required to give an oral presentation and demonstration at the end of the dissertation/project for assessment. Normally, the final grades will be considered immediately after the teaching period at each semester. For final year students, the deadline however is 30 April.


Dissertation/Project title

Students should submit a dissertation/project title form (see Attachment II) to confirm their dissertation/project title with the Department 2 weeks after the mid-term review.

In case there will be any changes on the supervisor/ title/ submission deadline, student should inform the Department by email after seeking approval from the supervisor.


Subject to approval, the change of study mode from Project to Dissertation/ from Dissertation to Project can only be requested after completion of the mid-term review. However, for student who has completed 10 courses, s/he is not allowed to transfer from Project to Dissertation.

Note: Details of the requirement of the dissertation are listed in the attached information sheets.

For more details, please refer to MSc(Eng) in EEE / MSc(Eng) in EnergyE Dissertation Supervisor Confirmation Form & Guidelines


Scheme A training

We are given to understand that the HKIE has decided, with immediate effect, that for engineering graduates from UK and from universities not listed in the Washington Accord, their registration for the HKIE scheme “A” training may require a satisfactory completion of a MSc study or equivalent prior to the registration.

Thus for the aforementioned graduates who are interested in joining the scheme “A” training of HKIE, or wish to apply for a full HKIE membership, please clarify your current status with the HKIE. The clarification may help you to assess your needs in enroling for a dissertation or top-up courses in your MSc studies.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us (email:

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