The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers the following bachelor degree programmes:

All programmes share a common first year. After the first year, students are free to choose to major in any of the above programmes.

Our programme objectives are based on three perspectives: breadth, depth and professionalism:

Breadth – Graduates possess broad education, including problem-solving skills and knowledge of important current issues in engineering, necessary for productive careers in the public or private sectors, or for the pursuit of graduate education.

Depth – Graduates possess an understanding of the fundamental knowledge prerequisite for the practice of, or for advanced study in electrical engineering, including its scientific principles, rigorous analysis, and creative design.

Professionalism – Graduates demonstrate skills for clear communication and responsible teamwork, and professional attitudes and ethics, so that they are prepared for the complex modern work environment and for lifelong learning.

Undergraduate Admission

Please click here for Undergraduate (BEng) admission information.

Further Study

For students who consider applying for a Minor / Double Degree, Minor in EEE, or for more information may be found by visiting the Acadmic Advising Office.

Existing Students

For existing 3-year EEE students
* Electronic and Communications Engineering (EComE) last intakes in 2012.