Electronic and Communications Engineering


The Electronic and Communications Engineering (EComE) programme aims at equipping students with a solid foundation in the diverse field of electronic engineering. Advancements in fiber optics technology, integrate circuit (IC) designs, audio and video signal processing, as well as wired and wireless network communication are just some of the many technologies electronic engineers have developed that are at the core of modern products such as mobile phones, digital camera, satellite TVs, robots, computers and the Internet.

While the scope of its applications may be boundless, our programme is carefully designed to equip students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of electronic technologies. Students may subsequently specialize in focused areas of their interest through the flexible choices of electives. Finally, workshop trainings and industrial training help students to gain hands-on experience that is invaluable to their career and future education.

Regulations and Syllabuses

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Professional Recognition

The EComE programme is accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).