Minor in EEE

Non-EEE students may opt for pursuing a minor option in Electrical and Eletronic Engineering.


Students who are interested in pursuing minor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering must satisfy the following prerequisites:

  • Level 3 or above in Mathematics
  • Level 3 or above in Physics or Combined Science with Physics component

Candidates are required to complete a total of 48 credits of courses in the following manner:

Code Course Name Credits
(i) 12 credits of core courses
ELEC2346 Electric circuit theory 6
ENGG1203 Introduction to electrical and electronic engineering* 6
(ii) 36 credits of discipline elective courses selected from the following:
ELEC2147 Electrical energy technology 6
ELEC2242 Introduction to electromagnetic waves and fields 6
ELEC2347 Fundamentals of optics (for 2014-2015 and thereafter) 6
ELEC2441 Computer organization and microprocessors 6
ELEC2543 Object-oriented programming and data structures (for 2012-2013, 2013-2014) 6
ELEC3141 Power transmission and distribution 6
ELEC3142 Electrical energy conversion 6
ELEC3143 Power electronics 6
ELEC3241 Signals and linear systems 6
ELEC3242 Communications engineering 6
ELEC3244 Digital signal processing 6
ELEC3245 Control and instrumentation 6
ELEC3247 Engineering electromagnetism 6
ELEC3341 Analogue electronics (for 2012-2013) 6
ELEC3342 Digital system design 6
ELEC3346 Electronic devices and circuits 6
ELEC3347 Electronic materials and quantum physics 6
ELEC3348 Electronic devices (for 2014-2015 and thereafter) 6
ELEC3349 Optical devices (for 2014-2015 and thereafter) 6
ELEC3441 Computer architecture 6
ELEC3442 Embedded systems (for 2012-2013, 2013-2014) 6
ELEC3443 Computer networks 6
ELEC3541 Software engineering & operating systems (for 2012-2013, 2013-2014) 6
ELEC3641 Human computer interaction 6
ELEC3643 Systems and network programming 6
ELEC4343 Design of digital integrated circuits 6
ELEC4344 Advanced electronic circuits (for 2013-2014 and thereafter) 6

*ENGG1203 cannot be used for satisfying the requirement of both this Minor programme and another degree programme.  If ENGG1203 has already been taken for another degree programme, the student should take 6 credits of discipline elective course in list (ii) as a replacement.

Further Information

For more details, please refer to our Undergraduate Handbook, or contact us by email or visit our general office.