Optional Minor for EEE Students

Once you are admitted to the BEng programme, you may also consider applying for a minor option in other disciplines offered at HKU.

For more information about the minor option application process, please refer to the Faculty of Engineering minor option page or by visiting the Acadmic Advising Office.

Double-degree BEng/BBA

The BEng/BBA double-degree is a 5-year undergraduate programme offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics. It is designed for the best students who are interested in both engineering subjects as well as business and economics. There are 3 major options for the BBA degree, namely:

  • Major in Human Resource Management
  • Major in Marketing
  • Major in Wealth Management

Students who wish to pursue in the double-degree programme will spend the first 4 years in the Faculty of Engineering similar to those students with minor options. With satisfactory performance, a BEng degree will be awarded at the end of the 4th year, and the student may proceed to pursue the BBA degree in the 5th year. The 5th year will be devoted entirely to courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Note that the 5th year of study is on a self-financed basis.


Once you are admitted to the BEng programme, you may apply for the double-degree through the double-degree online application page.

Note that double-degree applicants should meet the additional entrance requirements.

Further Information

For more details, please visit the Faulty of Engineering Double-Degree BEng/BBA information page.