Applications of photonic technologies are ubiquitous – ranging from basic science, telecommunications to medicine. New innovations in photonics, particularly spurred by cross-disciplinary inspirations, continue to impact these areas and constantly redefines our knowledge and the new standards. The main research focus in our group, Applied Life Photonics at HKU (AlphaHKU), is on developing new photonic tools which help solve a myriad of critical problems in biomedicine, life science and basic physics. Main interests particularly include development of ultrafast optical bioimaging and spectroscopy platforms. One key vision is to exploit a new generation of high-data-volume measurement and analytical strategies applied in basic science and biomedicine, such as high-throughput and high-content single cell analysis. Another intriguing direction our group is focusing on is to develop a multifunction microendoscopic platform for in-vivo bioimaging applications. Applications include microendoscopy-guided laser microsurgery. More information can be found in here.

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