Multi-ATOM - ultrahigh-throughput single-cell quantitative phase imaging
Optofludic Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies
FACED - ultrafast laser-scanning microscopy at 10‘s millions lines/sec

New innovations in optical technology spurred by interdisciplinary inspirations constantly redefine our knowledge in biology and the new standards in clinical practices. The main research focus in Applied Life Photonics at HKU (AlphaHKU) is on developing advanced optical tools, that are combined with new engineering innovations in other discinplines (from microfluidics to bioinformatics) - to solve crictical problems in modern biomedicine and life science.

Of particular interest is to push the frontier of high-speed and high-resolution optical microscopy. Leveraging such expertise, our multidisciplinary team is in close collaboration with engineers, computer scientists and biologists to exploit different integrative strategies that could impact fundmental biology research and clincial diganosis, namely ultralarge-scale deep single-cell analysis, label-free liquid biopsy (e.g. for cancer screening), and high-speed optical methods of neural imaging.


Advancing optical tools for new frontier in biomedicine and life science


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