Research Overview

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Research interests: optimization techniques, evolutionary computation, smart grid, smart city, communication networking, system analysis

Smart City

Smart city 

The smart city is an urban development vision aiming to improve the sustainability of the city and the quality of life of the citizens by means of information and communication technology, and many governments have set up strategic plans to develop smart cities. This is driven by the availability and sharing of a large volume of high-velocity data of large variety and variability, and the Internet of things which forms the backbone of connectivity for sensing, monitoring, and communications. Due to improved efficiency and responsiveness, many sectors, like transportation, energy, and health care, have been revolutionized, spawning new applications and services. Innovations are encouraged to abide by the smart city visions.

We are interested in all aspects of smart city, especially energy and transporatation. We study smart grid and intelligent transportation system, in which autonomous vehicles will play an important role. We invented the Vehicular Energy Network, which is a good example of energy-transportation co-design for smart city.

Selected publications