Organic and Nanostructural Optoelectronic Group
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong



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Organic and Nanostructural Optoelectronic Group


Our Work Selected as Cover of Journals

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ChemComm Cover 6 Advanced Functional Materials Cover 7 Advanced Optical Materials Cover 8 Nanoscale Cover 9
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Some of Our Results

  1. Angular Response of Thin-Film Organic Solar Cells With Periodic Metal Back Nanostrips
  2. Using Au nanoclusters (no PEDOT) as hole collection interface layer
  3. Magnetic Field Effects on the Electroluminescence of OLEDs: A Tool to Indicate the Carrier Mobility
  4. Enhancement of Solar Cell Performance: Plasmons
  5. High Performance OLEDs: Efficiency Enhancement
  6. High Performance OLEDs: Efficiency Roll-off Reduction
  7. Hybrid Organic/Nanoparticle Devices with Record-high Resonant Tunneling Behavior
  8. Detailed Studies of Absolute Optical Properties (Refractive Index and Absorption Coefficient)
  9. Real-time Color Tunable Organic LEDs
  10. High Performance OLEDs: Theoretical Analysis of Device Structures
  11. Extract Critical Parameters of LEDs Internal Quantum Efficiency