Mr. Cheuk-Wang Yau is currently a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) candidate at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering degree from HKU in 2016.

His research focuses on energy-harvesting Internet of Things (EH-IoT). In particular, he is working on simplifying the hardware and software development process of EH-IoT devices, hence making this technology more accessible and affordable for numerous IoT applications on Earth, and beyond. His latest work can be found in the Publications page.

Cheuk-Wang also serves as the Chief Teaching Assistant of two undergraduate courses adopting the flipped classroom approach at HKU, CCST9003 Everyday Computing and the Internet and ELEC3542 Advanced Programming and Application Development. He has received the Best Teaching Assistant Award from the HKU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.