Edmund Y. Lam  —  Current and Former Students

The following alumni list includes students supervised or co-supervised by me. Bracket indicates the year of thesis submission.

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. WANG Jun (2004; R&D Engineer at Synopsys)
    Physical design with fabrication-friendly layout

  2. QIU Deqiang (Department of Diagnostic Radiology) (2008; formerly Research Scientist at Stanford University Radiological Sciences Laboratory, now Assistant Professor at Emory University)
    Diffusion tensor imaging in evaluating normal and abnormal white matter development in childhood

  3. TANG Mei Yee Annie (2010; Research Fellow at Singapore Bioimaging Consortium at A*STAR)
    Characterizations and applications of carbon nanotubes contrast agents in magnetic resonance molecular imaging

  4. ZHANG Xin Tristan (2010; Associate Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    Sectional image reconstruction in optical scanning holography

  5. SHEN Yijiang (2010; Associate Professor at Guangdong University of Technology)
    Efficient finite-difference schemes in thermal analysis and inverse lithography for integrated circuit manufacturing

  6. CHAN Chuen Wing Kevin (2010; Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh)
    In vivo MRI study of the visual system in normal, developing and injured brains

  7. MAK Yick Hong Giuseppe (2010; Process Engineer at ASM Assembly Automation)
    Development of laser processes for nitride light-emitting diodes and its applications

  8. KWOK Hon Man Sammy (2011; Hong Kong Government)
    A scalable and secure networking paradigm using identity-based cryptography

  9. JIA Ningning Helen (2011; Samsung in South Korea)
    Optimization schemes for process robustness enhancement in optical lithography

  10. XU Zhimin Jimmy (2012; Lenovo)
    Mask-based coded imaging systems and image reconstruction algorithms

  11. Corbett ROWELL (2013; Professor at Nazarbayev University and China Mobile)
    Mobile device antenna design and isolation technologies

  12. DENG Fuqin (2014; R&D Engineer at ASM Assembly Automation)
    Computational surface profilometry and its applications in semiconductor inspection

  13. XU Jianbing (2014; Senior Associate at CITIC Securities)
    Optical coherence tomography: From system design to spectroscopic applications

  14. LI Jia Kary (2014; Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University College of Optoelectronic Engineering)
    Computational imaging technologies for optical lithography extension

  15. LI Chongguo (2015; CTO and Co-Founder of Shenzhen Han's LIDAR S&T Co., Ltd)
    New methods for human arm pose modeling

  16. CHAN Chi Shing Antony (2016; Postdoc at California Institute of Technology)
    Optical high-throughput microscopy with single-pixel detectors

  17. WU Xiaofei (2016; Huawei)
    Computational lithography with advanced optimization algorithms

  18. SUN Xing (2016; Tencent)
    Nonparametric Bayesian methods for visual data association

  19. TSE Chi Hoi (Department of Earth Sciences) (2018)
    Unsupervised learning on scientific ocean drill datasets in the South China Sea

  20. HO Man Ho Sam (2018)
    Accelerating machine learning applications with FPGAs

  21. KANG Jiqiang (2018)
    Novel optical sources and signal processing methods for optical imaging modalities

  22. REN Zhenbo (2018; Assistant Professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University)
    Digital holography with advanced autofocusing and reconstruction algorithms

  23. WANG Maolin (2020; Postdoc at ACCESS)
    Efficient training and inference of deep neural networks

  24. MENG Nan (2020; Postdoc at The University of Hong Kong)
    Geometric representation learning for light field restoration

  25. SHI Runbin (2020; Postdoc at ETH Zurich)
    Domain-specific FPGA overlay: An architecture-compilation co-design methodology

  26. Niraj Kumar SONI (2021)
    Next generation quantitative phase imaging at versatile wavelengths

  27. ZENG Tianjiao (2021)
    Computational image reconstruction via data-driven and model-based algorithms

Master of Philosophy

  1. MAK Yick Hong Giuseppe (2004; formerly R&D Engineer at ASML)
    Aberration sensitivity reduction of alternating phase-shifting mask in photolithography

  2. NG Nga Yi Ada (2005; Osram)
    Defect detection in semiconductor die images

  3. CHOI Kai San Sunny (2006; Engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff – Asia)
    Automatic source camera identification by lens aberration and JPEG compression statistics

  4. SUEN Tsz Yin Simon (2007; Octopus)
    Curvature domain stitching of digital photographs

  5. CHAN Wai San Joyce (2007; MTR)
    Design and analysis of integrated computational imaging systems

  6. CHOW Kit Yee Kitty (2007; Nomura)
    Angle coverage in wireless sensor networks

  7. SHEN Yijiang (2007; followed by Ph.D. study at University of Hong Kong)
    Binary image restoration by positive semidefinite programming and signomial programming

  8. ZHENG Ying (2007; ASTRI)
    Experimental and theoretical studies of twin drivers and biopsy needle driver for MR elastography with applications

  9. CHENG Ho Yiu Kyle (2010; Ph.D. study at University of Toronto, now computer vision software engineer at Bluewrist)
    Laser source, image processing and fast imaging technology for optical coherence tomography

  10. FUNG Sze Tat (2011)
    Learning path optimization with incomplete learning object metadata

  11. LI Qin (2011)
    All-fiber laser sources for fiber optical parametric amplifiers in 1um

  12. CHOI Yuk Ming Mingo (2013)
    A run-time hardware task execution framework for FPGA-accelerated heterogeneous cluster

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme

  1. GUO Xingwen Emily (2017; Graduate study at Yale University – Computer Science)
    A virtual reality platform for dynamic human-scene interaction

  2. JENG Shih-ying (2018; Graduate study at Columbia Unviersity – Computer Science)
    Deep learning in customer-centric precision marketing

  3. WANG Junjie (2018; Graduate study at Carnegie Mellon University – Information Networking)
    Unsupervised Chinese character style generation

  4. Sidhant GUPTA (2019; Co-founder of Clearbot)

Current MPhil/PhD students (including co-supervision)

  • ZHANG Ziqi

  • DU Richard (Department of Diagnostic Radiology)

  • MA Chi (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology)

  • CHUA Jinghui Bryan (Master of Research in Medicine)

  • GE Zhou

  • GUAN Peiyan

  • ZHOU Zhenxing

  • ZHU Yanmin

  • SONG Li

  • ZHANG Yunping

  • ZHANG Shansi

  • ZHANG Pei

  • WEI Haoyu

  • HUNG Fan Hei

Current Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP) and Senior Design Project (SDP) students