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Dr. Miles H.F. Wen, 温豪夫 (CV)
Founder & CEO, Fano Labs Limited

Hon. Asst. Prof., The University of Hong Kong

Ph.D. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Advisor: Prof. Victor O.K. Li

Fulbright Scholar
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Prof. Kameshwar Poola

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Hey, what's up?

I am Miles H.F. Wen (温豪夫), founder and CEO of Fano Labs (formerly known as “Accosys”), an AI startup that works on speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to help enterprises with their customer services. Funded by TSSSU@HKU, Incu-Tech Program, Enterprise Support Scheme of Hong Kong Government, angel investors, and Horizons Venture, the private investment arm of Sr. Li Ka-shing, Fano Labs is one of the best AI startup in the region.

Since Jul. 2016, I have been serving as an Honorary Assistant Professor (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) at the University of Hong Kong. I do not teach any specific course. However, I mostly collaborate with my awesome colleagues in conducting academic research while, as the same time, mentor young students and help them with their career.

I received my Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong. My research primarily involved smart grid stability and control, wide-area measurement system (WAMS), energy storage system management, and information and communication technologies (ICT). I also spent time working on natural language processing (NLP), machine learning & artificial intelligence, recommendation systems, and indoor localization technologies.

As an extremely dedicated adult, I have a clearly stated vision for my life, which I keep true deep to my heart and gudie me through all decisions I have made. Here is a copy of my life vision statement (+Updated on 25 Jun. 2015).

As an open-minded young researcher, I am always looking forward to learning new interesting things and collaborating with people. So, please feel free to contact me if you have any comments on my work or if you feel like sharing some interesting stuffs with me. I will always be pleasant to talk.

As an energetic young man, I love travelling, photography, reading, music (Jazz in particular), and a variety kinds of sports including tennis and squash. I always love to talk with people and make new friends. So, feel free to contact me if you want to make friends, too!

To reach me, the easiest way is to send me an email: miles@fano.ai. To get some quick knowledge about me, a copy of my CV can be downloaded here: CV.pdf (+Updated on 01 Nov. 2015).

In this webpage, you will find the following things about me:

  • About Me: Here you will find a short story about me and my education.

  • Awards and Honors: I am quite fortunate to have received some awards and honors from some generous people and institutes, to whom I would like to pay my most sincere gratitude.

  • Experience: Read a description of my working experiences, teaching experiences, professional affiliations, and etc.

  • Expertise: My expertise and professional skills.

  • Publications: Check out my publications, including technical papers, technical reports, and patent applications.

  • Personal Life: Well, if you are more interested in my personal life, you should not miss these pages!


2017-11-01: Fano Labs raised Pre-A round led by Horizons Venture, the private investment arm of Sr. Li Ka-shing. Fano Labs is the first HK startup ever invested by Mr. Li's fund.

2017-09-01: We are awarded the Enterprise Support Scheme of Hong Kong Government, with total government injection of HK$ 2.4 million. Up to this date, we are one of the 7 IT companies in HK that have received this award.

2016-11-01: We successfully closed US$ 600,000 angel round from famous angel investors.

2015-11-23: My paper, “Optimal Phasor Data Compression Units Installation for Smart Grid Wide-Area Measurement Systems - An Integer Linear Programming Approach”, has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. It should soon be available print!

2015-11-10: I am currently founder and CEO of Accosys Ltd. We are a spin-off from HKU and funded by TSSSU@HKU and being incubated at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park under their Incu-Tech Program.

2015-08-31: Finally, the four-year journey in research in finished and now I am a PhD! Although I am leaving the academia for now, research never stops in life!

2014-07-25: My success in the Fulbright award has been reported by multiple media in Hong Kong, including Headline Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, Sing Tao Daily, Ta Kung Pao, and Wen Wei Po. This news also appeared on my department website.

2014-07-06: AICT has been completed successfully! You may view all AICT materials on our official website: http://www.aict-hk.com

2014-03-28: I have won the Fulbright Scholarship in year 2014-2015. There are only EIGHT awardees across Hong Kong this year, two of which are from my university. With this scholarship, I will be visiting University of California, Berkeley, for eight month starting from the coming fall.

2014-02-20: My recent paper, “Form Follows Function: Designing Smart Grid Communication Systems Using a Framework Approach”, has been accepted and will appear in IEEE Power & Energy Magazine in their May/June issue of 2014!

2013-07-31: My recent paper, “Optimal Multistage PMU Placement for Wide-Area Monitoring” has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems! It can now be accessed in IEEEXplore at: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=6583313.