About Myself

I joined the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Hong Kong in Aug, 2007. Before coming back to Hong Kong, I spent quite some time at the EECS department of University of California, Berkeley where I got my BS, MS, and PhD degrees. At Berkeley, I worked with my advisor Bob Brodersen and spent most of my time at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center.

In 2012, I spent some time at Stanford and MIT, helped teaching their introductory course to EECS 6.01.

Research Interests

  • FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computing
  • Reconfigurable Computer Operating System Design
  • FPGA Overlay Architectures
  • Medical Imaging Systems with GPUs and FPGAs
  • Big Data Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Networking
  • Computer Architectures


  • Croucher Innovation Award [2013]
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (Team) [2012]
  • Best Teacher Award, Faculty of Engineering, University of Hong Kong [2011-2012]

Recent Research Grants

  • A Unified Machine Model for Heterogeneous Computing using CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs
    Early Career Scheme (ECS), University Grants Committee (UGC), Hong Kong
    2013 - 48 months
  • Compiler and Operating System Support for Power-Efficient FPGA-Assisted Reconfigurable Computing
    General Research Fund (GRF), University Grants Committee (UGC), Hong Kong
    2010 - 42 months
  • Hardware Software Design of FPGA-Based Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems
    General Research Fund (GRF), University Grants Committee (UGC), Hong Kong
    2009 - Completed
  • An Integrated Communication Network Simulation and Emulation Environment using FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computers
    General Research Fund (GRF), University Grants Committee (UGC), Hong Kong
    2008 - Completed


I am actively looking for postdoc fellow, postgraduate students, and research assistants to join my research group. Please see the current openings at the vacancies page.

Contact Information

Room 503, Chow Yei Ching Building
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Hong Kong
hso at eee dot hku dot hk