Fall 2008
Computer Programming and Applications - EEE Project - Image Processing Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Hong Kong

Class Information

Instructor: Dr. Hayden Kwok-Hay So
CYC Rm 516

Tutors: Miss Chow Mei Kwan April   
Mr. Mak Yick Hong Giuseppe   
Mr. Woon Thean Hung Wilson   
Lecture: Monday 3pm - 4pm
Room 603, Chow Yei Ching Building
Tuesday 3pm - 4pm
Meng Wah Complex Theatre 1 (T1)
Workshops: Mon 10am - 12pm
Thu 1pm - 1:55pm
Fri 1pm - 1:55pm
Chow Yei Ching Building Room 103 (PC Lab)

Class News

Nov 22, 2008 The project files for week 3 is uploaded. You need to submit the work of this week as your final project.
Nov 20, 2008 The project file for week2 is updated to correct some minor mistakes with respect to argv[]. If you have downloaded the file before 11am Nov 20, 2008, please see changes made on line 214 and line 234.
Nov 19, 2008 Just a reminder: The project will be due on 2/12. You do not need to turn in the two preparation phases of the project handed out in the past two weeks. The framework for the final project will be posted online by 24/11.
Nov 19, 2008 Workshop exercise on pointers has been posted. You will need to check it off during the Workshop on 20/11, 21/11 or 24/11.
Nov 16, 2008 Project handout for Week 2 uploaded.
Nov 11, 2008 Project handout and Workshop exercise for Week 1 uploaded.
Nov 5, 2008 Slides from first lecture posted.
Oct 30, 2008 New workshop time slot (Mon 10am-12pm) has been added. You have to pick one of the three workshops to checkoff your workshop exercises.
Oct 30, 2008 In order to accomodate people who were originally taking Monday's subclasses and therefore have a class conflict for Tuesday's lecture, I will be giving the same lecture on Monday 3pm-4pm at Room 603, Chow Yei Ching Building. Please email me if you intend to come to the lecture on Monday instead of Tuesday. --Hayden
Oct 27, 2008 The first lecture for the ENGG1002 EEE project - Image Processing will be held on Nov 4, 2008, 3pm, at T1.
Oct 27, 2008 Website started.

Class Calendar

Date Topics Project Workshop
3/11-4/11 Project Overview - 2D array in C++
   Introduction [pdf][pdf (2up)]
   C Arrays [pdf][pdf (2up)]
Project Description [pdf]
Handout for Week 1's task [pdf] [main.cpp]
Workshop Exercise [pdf]
10/11-11/11 Pointers [pdf][pdf (2up)]
17/11-18/11 Pointers Handout for Week 2's project task [pdf] [main.cpp]
Workshop Exercise on Pointers [pdf]
24/11-25/11 Event Driven Programming [pdf][pdf (2up)] Handout for Week 3's project task [pdf] [improc.cpp]

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