Picture of Hayden So at ATA

Reconfigurable Computing

My main research interest is on FPGA-based reconfigurable computers (RCs). A reconfigurable computer take advantage of the reconfigurable fabrics, such as FPGAs, to adapt its architecture for each application, thereby delivering unparalleled performance when compared to conventional processor-based system. My research goal is to investigate in all aspects of RCs that will enable RCs to become main stream high-performance computing systems. The following list highlights my current research efforts:
  • MURAC: A Multiple Reconfigurable Architecture Computer
  • QuickDough: A rapid FPGA compilation with SCGRA overlay
  • Power-efficient Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Computers
  • MapReduce acceleration on FPGAs
  • Medical ultrasound imaging
  • Optical flow cytometry

Previous Work

  • BORPH: Operating System for Reconfigurable Computers