Material Growth

Pulsed-laser Deposition System

Device Fabrication/ Packaging Facilities

Microfab Jetlab 4

Musashi Air-pulse Dispenser and 3-D Robot

AB-M mask aligner

Technics Micro-RIE

Danton e-beam evaporator

Danton sputterer

Jipelec Jetfirst RTA

Wet Processing Station

Buehler wafer lapping and polishing system

Buehler Specimen Mounting Press

ASM 520 automatic wedge wire-bonder

ASM AD805-06 Automatic Die Bonder

Material/ Device Characterization Facilities

Seiko Nanopics STM

Probe Station

International Light 12-inch Integrating Sphere

Motic PSM1000 Microscope with Moticam 2300

Micromachining station with pulsed UV laser

Photoluminescence Setup: Acton SP2500A 500mm spectrograph and Princeton Instrument PIXIS CCD

Other equipment:

Continuum Surelite EX YAG Laser (266nm)

Passat picosecond DPSS laser (266 nm)

Spectra Physics nanosecond DPSS laser (349 nm)

Kimmon He-Cd cw laser (325 nm)

NeCu laser (248 nm), green DPSS laser (532 nm), blue DPSS laser (473 nm)

Blue diode laser (447 nm)

Light sources: 30W Deuterium lamp (200 to 400 nm), tungsten-halogen lamp (VIS-NIR)

Plasma light source (near-UV-NIR)

Acton 500 mm Spectrograph with PIXIS open-electrode CCD

Acton 150 mm Monochromator

Ocean Optics HR2000 Spectrometer

Thorlabs Laser Beam Profiler

Equipment on order:

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) system

NT-MTD Near-field Scanning Microscope (NSOM)

Confocal microscope

Other Centralized Facilities at Electron Microscope Unit

FEI Quanta 200 3D DualBeam Focused Ion Beam

Hitachi S-4800 FEG SEM

Philips Tecnai G2 20 S-TWIN TEM