2018 Postgraduate student recruitment

Postgradute students (PhD degree) are being recruited for enrolment in September 2018, to be engaged in one or more of our on-going projects:

Full-color Microdisplays

Electrical-injection GaN microdisk lasers (ANR-RGC project)

Monolithic Integration of GaN devices: (NSFC-RGC project)

Resonance Tuning in GaN Microcavities (RGC GRF project)

Candidates will be offered admission with either postgraduate studentship (PGS), university postgraduate fellowship (UPF) or the prestigious Hong Kong postgradute fellowship (HKPF).  Interested applicants please forward your CVs to me at hwchoi@hku.hk.  Applicants with a strong academic background will be encouraged be submit for the HKPF.  I will work closely wth you to develop a strong research proposal for final submission.