CSIS7304  The Wireless Internet and Mobile Computing

Summer 2006

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Instructor :

Dr. Ka-Cheong Leung

Office : CYC 518

Office Hours:  Wednesdays 18:00 - 19:00,  or by appointment

Phone :   2859 8481

Email: kcleung@eee.hku.hk


Wei Li

Office : CYC 317

Office Hours:   Thursdays 14:00 - 16:00,  or by appointment

Phone :   2857 8435

Email: pwli@cs.hku.hk


The course offers students an opportunity to understand the principles and technologies behind data services in a wirelss mobile environment. It introduces the developing areas of mobile computing technology and applications. Topics include key features of 1G, 2G and 3G mobile technology; wireless LANs; personal area networks and Bluetooth; ad hoc networks; mobile IP, DHCP, IPv6; TCP over wireless; proxy systems; web surfing and WAP; mobile file systems; privacy, authentication, security; mobility and location-dependent/personalized wireless applications.

Course Readings

Required Textbook: Mobile Communications, Jochen Schiller, Second Edition, Addison Wesley, 2003

Reference Textbook: Wireless Communications and Networks, William Stallings, Second Edition, Prentience Hall, 2005

Required Supplementary Reading:  

K.-C. Leung and V. O. K. Li

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in Wireless Networks: Issues, Approaches, and Challenges

IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol. 8, Fourth Quarter 2006.  

( Paper; Slides)


Important Dates


21 Jun 2006 -- First Day of Class

05 July 2006 -- Due Day of the Assignment 1

12 July 2006 -- Midterm Examination

26 July 2006 -- Due Day of the Assignment 2

15 Aug  2006 -- Due Day of the Assignment 3

09 Aug 2006 -- Last Day of Class

During the week of 21-26 Aug 2006 -- Final Examination

Grading  Written assignments: 9%
Midterm Examination: 26%
Final Examination: 65%


It is highly advised that you acquire a copy of the textbook for the class. Class notes are generally available from the class web page 1-2 days before the scheduled session of each lecture.

You are expected to attend every lecture. If you do happen to miss a session, you are responsible for finding out what material was covered and if any administrative announcements were made.

All assignments shall be due at 19:00 on the designated due dates. Under normal circumstances, no extension will be granted. No late assignments will be accepted for credit. They are submitted electronically via http://msccs.cs.hku.hk/intranet2005/default.asp

There will be no make-up midterm and final examinations. The final examination will be held during the week of 21-26 August 2006. The University Examinations Unit will determine its final schedule during the middle of the semester. If a student misses his/her final examination, it would be resolved according to the regulation mandated by the University Examinations Unit.

All of your work submitted for credit must be done on your own. Work or ideas developed by someone else must be properly cited in your coursework, or it is considered plagiarism. When scholastic dishonesty is suspected, the case will be reported to the University Disciplinary Committee. Strict adherence to this Academic Integrity Policy is expected.


All course materials are copyrighted. Any use or redistribution of the materials outsidecourse requires prior permission from all contributing authors 


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