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June 2019 Ir Dr Philip Pong is elected to be Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET) and Fellow of the Energy Institute (FEI).
Jan 2017 Our journal paper [“Magnetically Assembled Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Coatings and Their Integration with Pseudo-Spin-Valve Thin Films”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 5, 252 (2017)] was selected to be in the “2016 Journal of Materials Chemistry C Hot Papers” which includes less than 10% of the total number of papers published in the journal in the year. This paper was made the front cover page of the Journal as well.
Mar 2016

Ir Dr Philip Pong is the recipient of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) "Young Engineer of the Year Award" 2016

About the Center

Welcome to the homepage of the Magnetism and Nano-Bio Technology Center!

Magnetism and Nano-Bio Technology Center was established in 2008. It is led by Dr. Philip W.T. Pong and the Center mainly focus on the research of spintronic devices (fundamental and development of magnetoresistive sensors) and applications of magnetoresistive sensors in smart grid/energy and smart healthcare. This Center is composed of four laboratories:

We also have access to the central shared facilities including cleanroom and electron microscopes.

Mission Statement

There are four main aims that the Center want to achieve, they are...

Research achievement
As a research group, the main aim of it must be having great achievements in the researches. Great achievements can improve living quality, therefore every group member are trying their best, to devote themselves to the group and make contributions to it.

Academic excellence
Academic excellence is important to every researcher. Beside research achievements, the group also aims at improving the academic excellence of every member, helping them to become professionals in the corresponding aspects.

Personal growth and development
Not only research achievement and academic excellence, the group also focus on personal growth and development of every member. Through different research activities, each member can have all-round growth and development in different ways.

To becoming a world-class researcher, leadership skill must be equipped . The group is aimed to help its members to equip with leadership skill and train all of them to be a world-class researcher.



Most recent update: August 2019