Our Lab : HKU Sports AI Lab
Focus on developing A.I. solution for Sports' Safety and Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis System : Robocoach

Real-time feedback system of yoga & golf coaching for begineers

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Technologies used in Robocoach and SMARTSWIM

Algorithm's Logic for Robocoach

User's Interface for the System

Final Product

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Drowning Detection System: Smartswim

Detecting pre-drowning cases in a swimming pool

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Technologies used in SMARTSWIM

System's Details

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Newspaper Interview with MingPao on the project Smartswim
News' Article Link

Newspaper Report from Tencent News on the project Robocoach
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Singapore: Digital Wonderland 2019
Youth Innovation Showcase and Awards
Best Creative Award

The 5th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Division in Information Technology
Third-Class Award


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For the Swimming Pool Dataset, click this link after we granted you the permission for using it with Research Purpose.