The unrelenting expansion in the field of photonics in the last entury has been leading to ubiquitous applications, ranging from telecommunications to medicine. We have been witnessing fiber-optic communication as the backbone of the worldwide telecommunication; lasers being used in medicine for surgical, diagnostics, and therapeutic applications; optical microscopy and spectroscopy as the workhorse in chemistry, biology and physics to study the interaction between light and matters. The advancement in photonics continues to impact our lives and constantly redefines the needs of our society by opening up more and more opportunities. The research focus in our group is to develop new photonics tools to solve a myriad of critical problems in biomedicine, such as optical microscopy and spectroscopy; and laser surgery. In addition, silicon photonics and its applocations in both telecommunication and biomedicine are also the areas we are looking into. More information can be found in here.

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