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Wireless@HKU Group
We are in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of The University of Hong Kong. Our research is broadly related to wireless transmission of information and its applications in different areas such as mobile edge computing, distributed machine learning, and 5G systems. The group is led by Dr. Kaibin Huang and comprises about 9 other members who are Ph.D students or research fellows.

Call for Papers!

  • IEEE JSTSP Special Issue "Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Transmission of Information and Power” (Deadline: Nov. 30, 2020). [CFP].
  • IEEE JSAC Special Issue "Distributed Learning over Wireless Edge Networks” (Deadline: Feb. 1, 2021). [CFP].




Media and Knowledge Exchange

  • [05/2020] Kaibin Huang is appointed as a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society.
  • [05/2020] Our incoming member, Xu Chen, was awarded the President's Ph.D. Scholarship by HKU.
  • [11/2019] Kaibin was re-elected to the Signal Processing for Communications and Networking Technical Committee (SPCOM-TC) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.
  • [11/2019] Kaibin was named a 2019 Highly Cited Researcher by Web of Science
  • [11/2019] The joint work by Chang Sheng (our former group member), Kaibin and industrial collaborators on energy efficient mobile edge computing has won the 2019 IEEE Communications Society Asia Pacific Best Paper Award.
  • [09/2019] Kaibin will be promoted to the position of Associate Professor.
  • [09/2019] Our alumnus, Chang Sheng You, has been awarded the prestigious Li Ka Shing Prize by HKU for his outstanding PhD thesis.
  • [06/2019] Kaibin was reappointed as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.
  • [04/2019] "Together with co-authors (S. Ulukus, A. Yener, Z. Michele, O. Simeone, P. Grover), Kaibin receives the 2019 IEEE Communication Society Best Tutorial Paper Award for their work on energy harvesting communication.
  • [02/2019] ] Kaibin will deliver a keynote talk at IEEE ICC 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning in Wireless Communications in Shanghai in May 2019 [Program]
  • [01/2019] Together with Prof. Vincent Lau (HKUST, Hong Kong), Prof. A. Liu and Prof. W. Wang (Zhejiang University, China), Kaibin Huang received a Second Class Award in Research Achievements (Science and Technology), Ministry of Education, China, 2018 [教育部高等學校科學研究優秀成果獎(科學技術) 二等獎 2018]
  • J. Ren, Y. He, D. Wen, G. Yu, K. Huang, and D. Guo, "Scheduling in Cellular Federated Edge Learning with Importance and Channel Awareness”, submitted to IEEE Trans. on Wireless Comm. 2020. (Available: ArXiv)
  • D. Wen, M. Bennis, K. Huang, “Joint Parameter-and-Bandwidth Allocation for Improving the Efficiency of Partitioned Edge Learning”, submitted to IEEE for possible publication, 2020. (Available: ArXiv, Implemetation)
  • G. Zhu, Y. Du, D. Gunduz, and K. Huang, “One-Bit Over-the-Air Aggregation for Communication-Efficient Federated Edge Learning: Design and Convergence Analysis”, submitted to IEEE for possible publication, 2019. (Available: ArXiv)
  • Q. Lan, H. S. Kang, and K. Huang, “Simultaneous Signal-and-Interference Alignment for Two-Cell Over-the-Air Computation”, submitted to IEEE for possible publication, 2019. (Available: ArXiv)
  • X. Li, G. Zhu, K. Shen, W. Yu, Y. Gong and K. Huang, “Joint Annotator-and-Spectrum Allocation in Wireless Networks for Crowd Labelling”, submitted to IEEE for possible publication, 2019. (Available: ArXiv)
  • Q. Lan, Z. Zhang, Y. Du, Z. Lin and K. Huang, “An Introduction to Communication Efficient Edge Machine Learning”, an invited paper in Journal on Communications, 2019. (Available: ArXiv)
  • D. Wen, X. Li, Q. Zeng, J. Ren and K. Huang, “An Overview of Data-Importance Aware Radio Resource Management for Edge Machine Learning”, an invited paper in Journal of Communications and Information Networks, 2019. (Available: ArXiv)
  • [2019] Kaibin is among 13 HKU scholars on the 2019 list of Highly Cited Researchers. [Ming Pao 明报, India Education, HKU Press]
  • [18/11/2019] Invited talk at 2019 FSE (丰盛创建)Sustainable Seminar entitled “How will the 5G technology changes our work, our lives and our world” (Time: 5PM, Venue: Theatre II, HKCEC, Wanchai) [Photo].
  • [24/10/2019] Invited talk at The Chinese Club (华商会所)“5G and its impact on world industry and technology development” [Program]
  • [06/2019] HKU Scholars Received Natural Science Awards from China MoE (香港大學學者榮獲2018年度教育部自然科學獎)" HKU Press Release (details) & Ta Kung Pao (details) & Mirage news (details)
  • [06/2019] Jiangshu-Zhejiang Fraternity Newsletter (蘇浙會訊) "Kaibin Huang Teaches 'What is 5G'" (details)
  • [05/2019] Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (信报财经月刊)“5G Out, 6G配合AI才是未来” (details) by Kaibin
  • [05/2018] Kaibin's interview on Mobile Edge Computing in IEEE TCCN Newsletter (details).