Yik-Chung Wu  

                   Associate Professor


                    Rm 714, CYC Building,

                    Department of EEE,

                    The University of Hong Kong

                    Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

                    Tel:  (852) 3917 7090

                    Fax: (852) 2559 8738

                    Email:  ycwu at eee.hku.hk


Brief Biography:

Yik-Chung Wu received the B.Eng. (EEE) degree in 1998 and the M.Phil. degree in 2001 from the University of Hong Kong (HKU).  He received the Croucher Foundation scholarship in 2002 to study Ph.D. degree at Texas A&M University, College Station, and graduated in 2005.  From August 2005 to August 2006, he was with the Thomson Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ, as a Member of Technical Staff.  Since September 2006, he has been with HKU, currently as an Associate Professor.  He was a visiting scholar at Princeton University, in summers of 2015 and 2017.

His research interests are in general areas of machine learning, signal processing and communication systems, and in particular distributed algorithms, and large-scale optimization theories.  Dr. Wu served as an Editor for IEEE Communications Letters, and IEEE Transactions on Communications, and is currently an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, and an Editor for Journal of Communications and Networks.  He was a TPC member for over 50 IEEE major conferences.  He received four best paper awards in international conferences, with the most recent one from IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2020.  He is a senior member of the IEEE.  More details are included in his Curriculum Vitae.


Some of my current research topics are listed below:


Previous research topics:

    Full publication list

Research group:


   I am very fortunate to have a number of dedicated and hard-working students, postdocs and visitors work with me over the years.


Ph.D. and M.Phil. students:              

Xueke Tong

Le Xu              (co-supervise with Dr. N. Wong)

Yunqi Wang    (co-supervise with Dr. G. Pang)

Yangge Chen

Yizhen Yang   (HKU-SUSTECH joint Ph.D. program, co-supervise with Prof. Yi Gong of SUSTech)

Long-Yin Yung

Hancheng Zhu

Hao Zhang

Qingfeng Lin

Zhenrong Liu (HKU-SUSTECH joint Ph.D. program, co-supervise with Prof. Yi Gong of SUSTech)

Zhongtao Chen



Previous Members:

Dr. Jianwu Chen       (Ph.D. Aug 2008, first job: a financial analyst at the Bank of Communication, Hong Kong)

Dr. Chengwen Xing  (Ph.D. Aug 2010, currently a Professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

Dr. Minghua Xia       (postdoc 2009-2010, currently a Professor at SUN Yat-sen University, China) 

Dr. Mei Leng          (Ph.D. Mar 2011, currently a VP and Senior Data Scientist at DBS, Singapore)

Dr. Lanlan He           (Ph.D. Mar 2011, first job: researcher at Huawei Hong Kong)

Dr. Jian Du               (Ph.D. Mar 2014, currently a Staff Algorithm Engineer at Ant Financial Service Group, USA)

Dr. Bin Luo               (Ph.D. May 2014, first job: senior algorithm engineer at Solomon Systech Limited, Hong Kong)

Dr. Qinliang Su         (Ph.D. Dec 2014, currently an Associate Professor at SUN Yat-sen University, China)

Dr. Xin He                (Ph.D. Sep 2015, currently a postdoc researcher at Shenzhen University)

Dr. Lei Cheng           (Ph.D. Oct 2017, currently an Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University, China)

Dr. Shuai Wang        (Ph.D. Aug 2018, currently a Research Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) )

Dr. Yang Li               (Ph.D. Aug 2019, currently a Research Scientist at Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen))

Dr. Bin Li                  (Ph.D. Aug 2019, currently an Assistant Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, China)

Dr. Miaowen Wen     (postdoc 2019-2020 partly supported by the HK Scholar Scheme, currently an Associate Professor at South China University of Technology)

Dr. Zongze Li            (Ph.D. Sep 2021)



Xiao Li                     (M.Phil. Aug 2009, continued to study Ph.D. at U.C. Davis, now an algorithmic trader in New York City) 

Jun Zheng                 (M.Phil. Aug 2009, currently a patent attorney in the US) 

Kun Cai                    (M.Phil. Aug 2009, joined Guangzhou Telecom as an Engineer) 

Rui Min                    (M.Phil. Jan 2012, joined J.P. Morgan Hong Kong as I.T. analyst)

Xun Cai                    (B.Eng.  Aug 2009, continue to study MS at UCLA)



Previous Visiting Scholars:

Ke Zhong                  (visiting Ph.D. student from UESTC, 2011-2012)

Prof. Zesong Fei        (visiting Professor from Beijing Institute of Technology, Sep 2012 - Feb 2013)

Na Li                        (visiting M.S. student from Beijing Institute of Technology, Dec 2012- June 2013)

Jihao Li                     (Research engineer, Dec 2011- Mar 2013)

Prof. Jung-Lang Yu   (visiting Professor from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, Jul-Aug 2013)

Jingrong Zhou            (visiting Ph.D. student from Sun Yat-Sen University, Nov 2011-Aug 2014)

Dr. Rumin Zhang       (visiting postdoc fellow from UESTC, Ph.D. from Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Apr 2018 - Mar 2019)

Lili Zhao                    (visiting Ph.D. student from UESTC, Apr 2018 - Mar 2019)

Hongmei Wang         (visiting Ph.D. student from Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications, Sep 2018 - Sep 2019)

Dr. Wanxin Zhang     (visiting postdoc fellow from SUN Yat-sen University, Mar 2018 - May 2020)





Aug 2019    Celebration on Li Yang and Li Bin finishing their Ph.D.s


Left:                 Shuai Wang     Hongmei Wang      Lei Cheng       Yangge Chen      Yizhen Yang

Right:               Le Xu        Bin Li        YC Wu       Yang Li

Rightmost:        Yunqi Wang        Xueke Tong      Zongze Li      Long-Yin Yung






Aug 2019  lunch with visiting summer interns


Liu Jie      Lang Chengtian    Zhao Kaiwen      Zhu Chiwei     He Peng     Liu Jiaming


Wang Yunqi     YC Wu     Yung Long-Yin    Wang Hongmei     Qin Peinuan    Li Xinyao




Group pictures of previous years



To prospective students:    I am actively recruiting Ph.D. students for topics on machine learning, signal processing, and communications.  I am looking for students who are self-motivated, with background in one or more of the following areas: mathematics, statisics, physics, machine learning or signal processing.  Due to the large amount of requesting email, I can only reply to students who can articulate their suitability in my group.  Thank you very much for your interest.




    ELEC1611  Circuit theory and digital logic (Fall06, Spring07, Fall07)

    ENGG1008 Electric circuit and digital logic (Fall 08, Spring 09, Fall 09)

     ELEC1306  Electric and Electronic Circuits (Spring 2011)

     ENGG1003 Engineering Mathematics (Fall 2011)

   MATH1853 Linear algebra, probability and statistics (Fall 12, Spring 14, Spring 15, Spring 16, Spring 17, Spring 18)


   ELEC8003  Linear algebra for signal processing (Spring08, Spring 11, Spring 13, Fall 14, Fall 18)

    ELEC8505  Probability and Random Processes (Spring 10, Spring 12, Fall 13, Fall 15, Fall 20)

    ELEC6100  Digital Communications (Fall 16, Fall 17, Fall 18, Spring 20, Fall 20)


Social Service:

In Aug 2009, I led a group of EEE students to Deyang, a rural village in Sichuan, to install an E-learning laboratory for a reconstructed primary school.  The original primary school building was destructed by the devastating earthquake on 12 May 2008.  This is a collaborative project by engineering professionals and charity organizations from Hong Kong.  The project rebuilt the whole teaching building from ground up, equipping it with quake-proof design, and up-to-date teaching technologies.

More information can be found at http://www.eee.hku.hk/~sichuan/

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